Dream Log 12.20

I have done one of these in a while but I thought there were parts of this dream that were quite interesting.

The Dream(s):

Where I am and how I got here has faded from memory. There are others around but I don’t recognize them now. I don’t know what we are doing, but there is a small pool of dark liquid that is very still.

I jump onto the plank that stands in the middle across the long ways of the pool. The black liquid laps across it and my feet. I lower myself to my stomach to feel the liquid more, but it just feels like water. So I get up and walk back to a small platform near the one edge. It too has the black water sitting on it.

Somehow I fall in. Or am I pushed? Where did the center plank go? I know this blackness isn’t good to be submerged in, so I flail and struggle in the depths. It feels like a quagmire now. Thick and oozing and it pulls me down.

But then there is a strange sense of stillness and peace. I loose sense of my body and everything else. I don’t think I am breathing anymore either. I don’t feel anything. But somehow I get back out of the black liquid and onto the platform, pulling myself up and out. Back to where I can breathe and where I can feel again. My heart pounding from brief submersion in the pool.

Then other dreams shift around and I find myself with more recognizable faces. There are so many rooms and half rooms that my dream space likes to create a maze to give me places to run and hide. And I hide from something/someone for some time alone. But there is some in the next room with only a partial wall separating us. I am never alone here.

But something happens. Rather than hiding there is running, a chase. I don’t know at first if I am chasing or being chased this time. They are after something. Others show up and come to help or maybe to the rescue but the other I know was there that I never see has escaped and hidden themself from us.

We stand there for a minute and I explain something, whatever it was that happened with the chase. What I come to realize he is after. There is a tower. A temple. I saw it in another dream I didn’t remember. There is a countdown now. Time is short for us and him. But he hasn’t gotten what he needs just yet, but we know where he is going to be.

The Commentary:

I got started to think the pool in the dream was like the Void. For me, someone who has a lot of moving energy, being in the Void has sometimes a oppressive stillness to it. Particularly if I haven’t acclimated to it and traveled to it in awhile. So the stillness in the black pool made me think about the Void.

Then the other dream started to remind me in the end totally about the Dungeons and Dragons Campaign I am planning out. The tower I saw and the temple totally looked like a DnD scenery type location and I want to include it now with this interesting mysterious super villain that will over-arch the entire campaign. Muahaha!


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