Winter Altar

So I wanted to give you all a peek at my current altar/shrine set up. My altar always seems to double as a shrine. It is where I do a lot of my meditation and now and then I’ll do some divination here too. I will also use the space to charge things if need be.

I have a close up and a wider shot. Since it is the Christmas/Yule/Winter Equinox season I have a little Christmas tree in the corner and I took some lights and wrapped it around the tree and then up the wall and back down around the front of the sewing table my altar is set up on.

This space is honestly super cluttered, but I have candles and stuff set up for different beings I work with. There are two candles each for the Morrigan an Lugh (one set are Reiki candles toward the back of the altar and the other set I bought from Beth Wodanis and I love them). I also have a candle of Manannan in the middle because I liked the symmetry. I set out Tarot cards that remind me of these three deities. Then I have candles set up for Gerarian and the kids to the side, and yeah. So much other stuff.

It will probably get switched up tomorrow or next week since the holidays will be over then and I am planning on starting my new study schedule tomorrow which will incorporate making sure I take care of and update my altar and shrine a little more effectively than what I have been. Also this is me avoiding grading at the moment.

Here are the pictures now:


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