Winter Solstice Cleansing

Monday was the Solstice where I live. To sort of start out my new study schedule (which the hard core study will be delayed until next week I think) I thought it would be a good idea to do some cleansing. We are close enough to the New Year, that I figured it would work at Yule/Winter Solstice.

One of the big things I did was some deep cleaning in my bedroom. I moved furniture (except my bed because that is too big/heavy for me to move by myself) and vacuumed. Dusted the corners and the walls. Put back up a puzzle that fell down months ago. Set up my cat’s water fountain again even though he doesn’t drink from it anymore. And freshened up my altar space just a bit.

Aside from all the actual cleaning, I planned a minor ritual to cleanse myself and my space. I took a ritual bath with some winter rainwater I collected that morning and sandalwood oil. Then when I was done with that I went back to my room and did a smoke cleansing for my own aura and the energy of my room. I wanted to remove any stagnant and unwanted energy from my personal space and reset it. After that was more personal energy cleansing running through my chakras and aura for gunk and asking the Morrigan and others to remove any obstacles from my personal path.

I ended up offering wine and some no-bake cookies I had brought back from my mom’s the other day. I like offering things I enjoy. ^_^

That was really the gist of it. I didn’t do any super deep meditations or anything. Just said my thank yous and that kind of thing before cleaning up and attempting to air out my room. πŸ˜›

But it was a nice little observance to do and while I still have more cleaning to do (like get rid of old clothes and reorganize my drawers) I feel it was really helpful and a nice restart.

Since then I have been doing some blog cleanup over on my tumblr. I had almost 20,000 posts from reblogging crap so I figured I would take this time to try and trim that down. I haven’t gotten terribly far (down to just below 19,000) but it is moving along. I decided to start a sideblog over on tumblr as an Eshrine to the beings I work with so a lot of posts are migrating over that direction. πŸ™‚ Just another thing I wanted to do as an act of devotion to all of them.


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