Clearing Out and Letting Go

I have been spending a lot of time cleaning out my tumblr blog and it taking a long time to get anywhere. I reblogged a lot of crap in the past and it just needs to get off my blog.

But part of what I have been doing is moving a good chunk of posts that were for specific spirits and deities over to a new devotional eshrine blog account. It will be mostly reblogs of old posts I had that relate somehow to the beings I work with or am friends with. It is a way to incorporate more devotional acts into my practice.

I already have 300 posts queued up on that blog and I am not very far into my posts from 2014 yet. >.< The fun thing is I can only queue 300 posts anyway. :/ So now everything is just getting deleted or reblogged immediately.

But even getting through the first six months of my time on my tumblr blog has been refreshing. Clearing out old reblogs already lightens things up. Of course, the length of time it is taking is a bit disheartening too, but I am taking it in bits so that I can continue to make progress with this clean up.

It also feels nice to do something as a devotional act to by setting up the eshrine blog. It almost gets me closer to feeling those intense god feels my roommate talks about. Not that I don’t feel them anyway, they just tend to be very confined beneath the surface. I am such an air sign sometimes that it is odd for me to show a lot of emotions about some things and when I do I reel them in very quickly.

Anyway. I am enjoying this little project. Again, it is quite refreshing and it is nice to let things go. While I am still keeping quite a few posts still in one form or another, a lot is getting deleted and it’s letting go of things that are not needed. I am doing that with my stuff in my rooms too. I have a couple bags of old clothes that I am getting rid of (some will go to my niece if they fit her and others will be donated). I need to let go of crap. I have so much of it. On my blogs and just in my life. It is time to make space for other things.

I am really trying to get myself in the right mindset and get myself set on my path and spiritual development. It has been a long time coming doing these sort of things. With the New Year about to begin it is the perfect time. Out with the old to make room for progress.


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