Dream Log 1.2

Last night or this morning I had a very interesting dream.

The Context:

I have been working on some past life stuff on and off with a being who looks and reminds me a lot of the Tenth Doctor so I don’t know if this dream connected to that at all but he has been showing up a lot in my dreams lately. Last night I had a short conversation with Gerarian before falling asleep about what he wanted my attention for. His songs have been playing every time  I turn on the radio or Pandora so it seemed like he had something to say. Our conversation revolved mostly around me getting the courage to text some guy and see about dating. 😛 But I don’t know if that had anything to do with this dream. Just wanted to provide before bed context…Anyway…

The Dream:

Before anything else, the dream began with a gathering. I was meeting four other ladies and for some reason, two of their parents were there to play the game as well. We were finally sitting down to play D&D. Some had to drive further so they were late. But someone’s dad was not the most open or friendly guy and was sitting next to me being stubborn about our game. But before the dream transitioned, the parents left and our last player showed up to play.

From there, forgotten dreams until I found myself in a building, in rooms, perhaps a hotel? But no. Later is appeared much more like a high school building. I was in a room. There were dressers and I was attempting to hide. I pushed some of the furniture in front of the door. I hid as much as I could. From what, I am not sure at this point. But I am found and I am brought out of the room.

I am able to slip away from him and run. So I run through the building. I run through rooms upon rooms, making twists and turns. The building is like a maze and honestly seems like different buildings mashed together. Office spaces, hotel, high school or college. There is a theater auditorium I run through at one point and a gymnasium.

There are people there to help me. And he’s shown back up to help me, Ten. The woman direct me to go into the secret back room in the gym and it leads to room that has no business attached to a gym. It is round and slanted and there is a passage along the back wall that leads up into another secret room or two. They tell me to go up and hide and they’ll try to stop whoever has been chasing me.

I know I can’t let him catch me because he’ll use me. Even if he doesn’t know yet what I am and only wants to stop me from working with Ten, he will use me against him. I hide up there but as dreams do, I saw what was happening below instead of what I was doing while hiding.

The man chasing me showed up and somehow managed to overpower Ten. The woman is nowhere. The man’s supporters have shown up and begin searching for me but they can’t find me. The man secures Ten to where he cannot escape as he continues to lay unconscious. Suddenly, he changes, shapeshifts to appear as Ten and begins searching for me himself.

I grow restless and leave my hiding spot and run into him. I hug him, thinking he is Ten, but a part of me knows it isn’t. He tells me I am safe and he stopped ____ from finding me. I accept this and follow him. But I know it isn’t Ten now. I play along. All his supporters are there and that solidifies it more.

Somehow a small lazy river has appeared and he lets me wander it as he makes plans to do whatever. As I float there I see hundreds of ravens and crows. I even squawk at one and it comes closer before the water continues to carry me. They are everywhere. And I finally figure out what happened to the real Ten.

I come back around to the circular room and know where to find him. But the man has seen me and follows me. I get to Ten just before the man catches up to me. We exchange words that I don’t remember and I don’t remember if I managed to release Ten or not as the dream finally ended with my cat continuing to pester me awake.

The Commentary:

Like I said previously, I have been having more dreams with the Tenth Doctor in it and I haven’t really been watching Doctor Who much. But I have been working with a spirit that looks quite similar to him and we’ve shared a past life together so my dreams with the Tenth Doctor are really more dreams about this spirit than Doctor Who. I don’t know if the dream had any relation to the past life or not. It seems similar to it with certain aspects that I know about and remember vaguely but also it was quite a hodgepodge type of dream too.

I have never had a dream with crows or ravens in it that I remember, so seeing them was interesting. I get the vague impression it may have been the Morrigan stopping in, but for what I don’t know. I sat down in my car on my drive home to chat with her about things, but maybe she was wanting to talk more about that and slipping into my dream was her way of saying we have more to talk about.


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