New Year Resolutions, Reflections, and Plans

I have already mentioned part of these things with my study schedule plan but I figured as a way to keep me more on top of things I would mention them all again more specifically.

This next year I want to make a lot more progress in my personal path and spiritual development. I feel like I have been putting a lot of things off namely shadow work but other things too and I need to do something about it.

Last year during my spring break, I had sat down in a little small retreat with Mother to figure out more of what I wanted out of my path and life in general. That conversation was part of what lead to the Morrigan having me work with Cerridwen and then eventually devote myself to the Morrigan. And things began to progress for me. I have certainly made more progress with things than I probably initially realized, but I want to make sure I continue to move forward and part of that is setting goals for myself.

Last year at this time I wasn’t in the best of places to make a lot of progressive goals. Things happening in my metaphysical woo-life pulled me to a place I didn’t want to be and didn’t quite know how to get out of until I did my retreat. But this year, with things winding down with a certain long-term issue in my metaphysical woo-life, I feel I can really make progress again and set personal goals again.

This year (starting on my birthday at least) will be a personal year 6 for me. It is a year of love, family, home, and responsibility. A lot of focus for this personal year number is on domestic affairs, but there is also focus on balance and harmony. It is a service oriented year.

Personally, I feel this service aspect may relate more to what work I may do with the Morrigan. The astral and metaphysical will always be a part of my life and there is a very service oriented aspect to that. Not just service to my gods, but to the entirety of those that live in this world. I don’t know if my work will relate to just the Morrigan or to all of it yet.

I did a couple Year Ahead tarot spreads for myself. One was oriented at just the spiritual side of things and I got so many Court and Major Arcana cards that I know this year will be fairly influential for me. The overall was the Knight of Wands (the only wand I had in both permutations of the spread) which indicated a journey for adventure. This year will certainly be an adventure, each year is. It is something to look forward to more than previous years I think.

But anyway. I intended to write down some of my personal goals. Some of which I started before the new year and will continue on through the next few weeks. Some on my full list are quite mundane so I will leave those out, like getting into better shape and maybe getting a full-time teaching position.

  • Reorganize and cut down extraneous posts on my tumblr blog (started and also created a new devotional blog to move posts I want to keep in some fashion)
  • Practice my craft more and do more devotional things
  • Organize my witchy supplies and stuff (applies to blog too)
  • Get rid of things I don’t wear or use and donate it (still in the process but already gave some to my mom to see if my niece can use any of it – may not seem spiritual but it is letting go and has its spiritual benefits)
  • Continue writing and maybe finish my memoir blog posts
  • Study Gaelic Polytheism more and the Celtic Otherworlds
  • Continuously study new things for my path and practice (study plan stuff)
  • Cleanse energetic self on a regular basis
  • Do Reiki more for self and others (become Reiki III/Master/Teacher certified?)
  • Learn Lenormand, Rune, and Ogham
  • Continue and finish shadow work
  • Continue working on my Book of Shadows/Grimoire and possibly finish it
  • Read and write more, not just for study but for pleasure

Now that I typed that up I realized I forgot to include the shadow work on my personal list in my bullet journal. Good thing I remembered it here. I have been putting it off for…a long time.

I have also started in my bullet journal a daily tarot section. The aim is to get me to pull cards each day and work on learning the card meanings a bit better because I am considering eventually offering more readings and maybe offering for a fee for extra income (and including distant Reiki services too). When I am through this month I will either continue with this deck for a second month or switch to using the Lenormand and then the Runes next. I think that will be an easier way to work on my divination skills rather than some of my initial plans for my study schedule.

I have seen so many cool challenges over on Tumblr too that I would love to try. Right now I have seen a Grimoire Challenge (for the entire year and different months can stand alone too so that is pretty cool) which I could incorporate into my work with my Book of Shadows. There is also one that I really aim to try and that is a January Shadow Work Challenge. There are journal prompts or what have you with a tarot question/pull, but also a tarot spread that can be done in its entirety for it. Considering I need to work on my shadow work, I figured that would be a good one to work on at some point here.

Oh. And then I saw a challenge for 52 short stories in 52 weeks. Considering I need to write more, I may consider that challenge at some point too. O.o I keep adding things. I am apparently super motivated right now to get a lot done this year.

Starting tomorrow though I need to start working on my classes that start the week after. At this point I am fairly good on setting my classes up since I teach the same class almost every semester, but I do have a new one that I need figure out and get help from a full timer (they don’t provide much on the org for new teachers to borrow from). Anyway.

I am hopeful that this year will be more productive for myself and that I can finally start feeling like I have a more general idea of where it all is heading. Right now, I feel I am on the right path, but I just don’t know where that path is leading. But I am hoping by the end of the year I’ll have at least a vague understanding where that is. 😛



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