Dream Log 1.9.16

The Context:

I ended up watching two movies in bed last night and fell asleep during the second one. They were romantic movies because apparently that is what I have been in the mood for. They were Leap Year and An Affair to Remember with Carey Grant. Sweet, innocuous movies you’d think would have me dreaming cute romantic shit right? Well, apparently not…

There is some minor gore ahead to beware…

The Dreams:

I was kidnapped and held prisoner by someone along with two others. I remember the chains. I remember one of the others was very punk goth looking. I remember she and the other one were a bit cruel at first, but it seemed more like they were trying to keep me from breaking because there was a change in them. I was broken and reverted to a younger mindset. I don’t know what else changed, but they became friends and our captor seemed less bad. I went with him some place and felt more at ease with him and no longer afraid, but something happens and while they try to save me, someone else ends up kidnapping me in an elevator.

Then there was the dream where I recognized more people. Old friends and current. I was hiding someplace. How I could hide there only dream mechanics can explain, but it was beneath something, like a tunnel but not in the ground. And she was there, I think. Was this the dream that Gerarian was in too? Where I knew something terribly sad and tragic was happening? Was this the one  he came to me and everything seemed to come crashing down? I can’t remember what it was. I can’t remember what was said, if anything. I just know the feeling wasn’t good.

Then I was someplace familiar and the people with me were vaguely familiar. I was smoking and something was off. People or children were disappearing. And I remember seeing an opened first aid kit with lots of things missing, used. The person I was with knew who it was that had taken it and where they went, so we went after him. Were we followed or was it that we found him and he was different? She knew what to do and I followed her lead. There were people dead in another room. Something was going to explode. She said she was going in to stop it. He let her, but wouldn’t let me go as well. There were two sets of glass doors with a small room between the room I was in and the room she went into. He was afraid if I went, then she would do something to destroy him in here. But that wasn’t the plan. I took the ribbon/beads to the door. He tried to stop me but I said it was a farewell tradition. I was saying goodbye to her and the others who were gone. Somehow, the trick worked and he followed me into the small room and I escaped back out into the former room again and locked him in. He then went into the other room, mad, and was going to kill the other woman. I sneaked back into the glass door room to watch and lock him from getting in. She threw some sort of trigger and he was caught in the shock of electricity. It appeared to work at first, but something happened and he became a monster. Bloody and mutated. He may have attacked them but what I remember is him running to the room where I was and pushing his way in (doors always fail to lock in my dreams) and attack me. There was an extra gaping mouth in his torso and everything was hideous and monstrous. But I punched and kicked back. I felt them hit something solid.

And then I woke up…

The Commentary:

Honestly, I have a lot of kidnap dreams where things have kinda turned Stockholm syndrome on me. I don’t know why, but they can be weird and disturbing to say the least. And the monster in the last dream was so opposite of what I watched that that just throws me off. If I watched Resident Evil recently I would accept that dream more, but I haven’t watched much monster or gore movies lately.

The dream, whichever dream it was (it could have been another), with Gerarian really bothered me. I think he showed up twice in my dreams but I can only vaguely remember the one where he was close and something was terribly wrong. Something that all I can really remember from it is that it was sad and tragic and not something I want at all. But I can’t remember anything of what it was.


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