Spiritual Study Schedule Redo…

My original study schedule for myself has not worked out very well these first few weeks so I am revising it. I suppose a part of it is that I was trying to schedule too much of my day. Another part was the my teaching schedule changed a bit on me so I have to work around that differently now.

Anyway. I am going to attempt breaking things down into my daily tasks and then what the them each week will be. So in general, my daily tasks will consist of reading some sort of material related to my practice, meditating at least once a day, offering prayers to my gods, journaling, pulling a tarot card (will switch between divination decks and methods every so often) and some sort of exercise (I eventually want to start walking and then running on a regular basis). I also want to do my Reiki on a more regular basis (not exactly daily but a least once a week) which will be good to incorporate with my shadow work that will be a part of my work this year.

Astral work will be a part of my “weekly themes” as it were. Since the Morrigan is having me work with Manannan on learning about the Celtic Otherworlds, I will be trying to do a lot of that here. Overall, I don’t know exactly what she wants me to do with said knowledge once I have it, but I have a feeling she has a reason behind it. But I also figure I’ll transition into other themes as the weeks go on and I complete that work.

Eventually I want to add in things related to more witchy work like astrology and magical timing, sigil work, numerology, herbalism, and other things. But right now I think this short plan will work best for these next few weeks to cover these few things while I get into the swing of my class schedule and making sure I balance both my mundane teaching stuff and my spiritual life.

But yeah. I just wanted to write something and update things here. I have been wanting to write a lot but I haven’t quite figured out what I want to write more on. I want to share things, but I am never sure what to share. So at least there is this. 🙂


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