Dream Log 1.22.16

The Context:

Roomie and I stayed up a little later talking about things and when I did go to be I turned on “Planet of the Ood” from Doctor Who that I fell asleep very quickly to.

The Dreams:

The details are mostly gone from my first dream, but the feeling lingers just long enough to recall a few bits. It is outside. There is a tent. We’d headed into it sometime before for some reason and the details before the tent are what has vanished. The tent is supposed to be a relatively safe place. But there is a large group of people that showed up outside of it that were not friendly. They want in or want something. The girl I am with? The one, their leader, is insistent on coming in for a moment to talk and is allowed entrance, but that is when they attacked. With him inside they are able to take down our defenses and the electronics inside. Things go haywire. But the rest of the dream details fade before I can see or remember more…

The second dream is more tangible. I am in a small dorm type room. There is a hallway to more rooms and an alcove where we are. It is comfortable for the four or so of us to be content here. But suddenly the room fills with people. More than can really be comfortable. I am reminded of a curfew check and these people have to file into the nearest room. It lasts a very short time before they begin to file back out again. A few remain. Other roommates perhaps? The sit at computer decks in the middle of the room but I go back to interacting with the original three in the room with me. Two men and a woman. They are familiar. One I am next to I am a bit more familiar with and we talk briefly before he moves away. I start gather my things up for something but I spill a bunch of clear gel balls of different sizes across the floor. I go to scoop them up and the floor is wet, making it hard to find some of the balls. I have to grab from under then desk of one of the other people in the room. I get the balls collected but then I drop them again and have to do it all over again. This time, it draws the other guy’s attention. Our interaction is not a pleasant one. Not related to the balls that had been spilt but something else entirely, but I can’t remember what. When and how he comes to leave I don’t know. And soon after the dream fades and new one begins…

Flights. A hotel room. Something else. I don’t know exactly what happened to the rest of the dream but the details toward the end are easier to recall. I am in a hotel room I think. It is a large suit with multiple rooms. Is this the dream with the cat? Was there a cat? The last thing I really recall is someone coming in with a huge twisted set of keys strung together saying how he thought whoever was in the room had checked out. The keys had been returned. I said no, we had lost ours or given them to a friend but she left town before us so she returned them to the desk for us to pick up. It seemed to make some sense in the dream…

The Commentary:

I feel like there is something missing. Some important detail I am missing and cannot recall. I feel a presence from my dreams of someone familiar but I can’t tell who it is. Did he show up in the dream or what? I don’t know. I just feel like he was there, but I can’t remember who he is.

The first dream had so much more to it but the vast majority of the details have gone. They faded first and were superseded by the later dreams. It seemed more important to remember a bit more.

The second dream I identified the three main roommates as being Gerarian and Mel and my other lover (sometimes I dislike that word). I don’t know who the other guy was or whatever. But yeah. The details stuck more with that dream than the others.

The third dream is rather random in context to the other two but possibly related to my upcoming trip to California in a couple months.


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