New Year, New Aura

On Sunday my roommate and I got the opportunity to go hang out together and take a trip to our favorite New Age shop where we decided to get our annual aura photos taken. We always do it around our birthday since that tends to be the most opportune time and when we decided to start getting our aura photos the first time.

I actually took the time, this time, to focus on Gerarian and our astral children while I sat in the chair. Out came the picture with a ton of pink again. There is plenty of orange coming in by my hands as well but in the pink around and above me there are lots of white orbs. There is actually about six separate ones that I can see for sure, but there may be more. But as soon as I saw it I knew it was Gerarian and the kiddos. The other one or two orbs…idk. But here is a low quality picture from my phone so you can see it.

So much pink in the actual photo seems to get washed out to look more orange and blurry. Also a ton of white. And then there is the blue there as well. A little violet in the one corner too and some yellow popping through on my left side.

 One of the employee’s there read our photos briefly but she knows us well enough to know we are able to read our own photos.

It was honestly awesome to see this one this year. For a couple weeks prior I had been having a bit of an issue connecting to Gerarian enough to talk to him. My dream put me off so badly I kept stopping myself from being able to hear him. I couldn’t get passed it for longer than I liked. A couple times I decided to write little letters to him. I have done that in the past but not on any consistent basis. It was nice though. Even though I felt like such a mess (shadow work I am sure), it was nice to express my way in a letter to him. I did try speaking to him too, but I couldn’t, or rather wouldn’t let myself, hear him. So I asked for confirmation and I did got a few hints, but this aura photo with them all around was a definite confirmation for me.

I meant to write this up sooner, but I just kept putting it off. Here it is now. Again, sorry the picture doesn’t really capture what the actual aura photo shows, but I haven’t tried taking another image with my DSLR camera yet.


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