Dream Log 2.2.16 sorta

This won’t entirely be like my typical dream logs. Mostly because there isn’t a whole lot to discuss about this dream in particular. It just made me think about things. Things that have happened the last ten or so years.

People from my past show up in my dreams now and again. People I don’t talk to anymore. People who did have a major impact on who I am today. People I sometimes still have issues with. I think quite a few times, these dreams with these people are simple reminders that there may be some underlying issue I still have with the person. Other times they may be astral bump-ins.

Last night’s dream someone showed up that hasn’t shown up in my dreams in quite a while. Not since, well, before I left my old college coven in 2011. If she had shown up in dreams since then I don’t really remember them. But in the old ones between 2009 and 2011, those dreams were always rather blatant in showing my distaste for her.

I don’t often talk about those things on this blog. I save those things for my other, memoir blog truthspark8.wordpress.com. But I think there may be some need to mention more here although not full details yet.

Jessica, or Nicole as I call her over on my other blog, betrayed our college coven. And more specifically she helped betray our coven’s leader and my college roommate, but it caused a deep-seeded rift in our coven that eventually caused the rest of the coven’s breakdown over the next few years.

So there was a great deal of animosity toward her during that time. My dreams reflected it. Angry words were spoken in the dreams. Punches thrown. A lovely cathartic feeling upon waking. And eventually the dreams with her slowed down and stopped. There were a few later that showed the change for the better. She was there, but no animosity. No confrontations.

After I left my college coven, I began dreaming about my college roommate, Allison, in much the same way. The hurt I felt from what happened there was far different and much more lasting. Hell, there are times when I do still dream about her and there is still animosity felt. Some dreams there was enough of a catharsis that later her appearances were just to be there, and show that change before those feelings bubbled back up and the dreams showed the animosity again. But that happens far less frequently than it used to.

It was surprising though that Jessica appeared again in my dream. She ignored me, but I greeted her and another friend from college that I don’t really talk to anymore. The two of them are friends so it makes sense. And the friend did acknowledge me and greeted me warmly.

While nothing about that is too remarkable, it just made me think about the people that show up in my dreams. How it often shows some shadow work I do through my dreams or at least what shadow work I still have yet to do. So I felt like sharing a bit about that. 🙂


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