Crystals Make My Day

I got some great finds at the GeoFest gem and mineral show at our state museum this weekend. I am super happy because of them. Super tons of thanks to my roommate Meritinpu because she actually helped point out most of them for me. 😛

I wanted to share them with you all and mention which ones are which. ^_^


These above two pictures are of the same two stones are both Jaspers. The one of the left (of both pictures) is Ocean Jasper and the one on the right is Kambaba Jasper which is also called Crocodile Jasper. I sorta picked both of these for Manannán mac Lir since one is obviously ocean related 😛 and the other still reminds me of him too. I really liked the piece of Ocean Jasper because it has two different colored sides. Both stones are actually very related to peace and tranquility and are good for meditation.


These two (from left to right) are Bog-wood and Shamanic Dream Stone (aka Lodolite aka Garden Quartz). Bog-wood is fossilized trees and such. Grabbed this one for Gerarian because it’s bog and wood…and…bog of eternal stench and that sort of thing. The Dream Stone necklace is because my tarot card pull yesterday was The Moon and it made me think I need to go find a stone for either dreams or a moonstone. Roommie found this one along with the bog-wood stone and yeah. Had to get it. Lodolite can help with communication with higher planes, grounding or connecting to the Earth, or connecting with dreams and vision quests. I look forward to playing with this one more.


Here is my new Rainbow Obsidian sphere and a pretty little Boulder Opal bracelet. I am so in love with this sphere by the way. It has a pretty eye spot and it vibrates pretty and makes me happy. So yeah, clearly it was calling me. 😛 It is a good size too and will be good for scrying I think. 😀 The bracelet is quite pretty. The middle stone is the Boulder Opal and then the other stones are Bronzite and Kyanite. Bronzite is good for protection, grounding and relieving indecision. Kyanite is good for communication, meditation, and psychic abilities. And Boulder Opal combines earth and fire energy and is great for spiritual things.

So yeah. I am quite happy.
Crystal metaphysical property information all comes from Crystal Vaults and Crystal-Cure.



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