My Bullet Journal

I know this doesn’t entirely relate to my path and all that, but I love my bullet journal and I figure I would share. I do use it for some aspects of my path, namely I started using it back in January to track devotional tasks and daily tarot pulls. I recently got my new Leuchtturm 1917 in the mail and I have been diligently setting it up and preparing to switch over to it for the start of March, so that was one of things I wanted to show off some of my layouts.

The last image is from my layout most related to things for this blog. I have a checklist for devotional tasks. There is altar/shrine care things and also general devotional things as well as path work. I’ll add my list of spirits and devotional tasks for them later I am sure. The other is my daily tarot log. I think in March I will switch to a new deck. Past two months I have used my Revelations Tarot and now I think it is time to for a switch.

As a another little bullet journal sample, the above three pictures are from my writing bujo. I was having fun with lettering when I did some of these. This is just a small sample. Several of the pages will have outlines and notes regarding the posts and creative writing pieces I am working on. But I am hoping that using these will help me stay organized and keep writing more consistently. šŸ˜€

But yeah. I have been so excited by my new Leuchtturm that I wanted to share some of these pages from my bullet journals. It helps motivate me a little more to do things right now.


4 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal

    • Thank you. I have been using one for quite a while and finally started incorporating more fun headers and washi tape recently. I’ve been doing a lot with spiritual things in it over the past year to keep track of things and like having both mundane and spiritual stuff in mostly one place (cuz I have tons of other little journals and notebooks for other spiritual things too though).


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