Nostalgia Bites

Perhaps a little shadow work is definitely needed soon with this…

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Truth Spark

A hard bite of nostalgia hit me this afternoon and left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. There are things I certainly miss about those days in that old Coven. There are things I miss terribly about college in general. But there are things that still leave me feeling bitter about the bad things and even the good.

This campus where I teach isn’t even remotely similar to the campus and halls of the building of my college. There is the age, for sure. But there is little else in common. Except the weather. Sometimes I love early spring. The shift in weather and temperature to chilly warmth. The longer days and sunnier weather. The starts of new buds on the trees.

But for some reason, this time of the year always makes me nostalgic too, and not always for the good times. There is a sense of a…

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