Booping God Feels and Shadow Work

I am not entirely sure how I wanted to begin this other than the fact that since the other day I joined in briefly with the Drowning in God Feels Thursdays my roommie Meritinpu has been doing over on Tumblr that it provoked me to write something about this.

Anyway. I don’t particularly fall into the category of “drowning” in god feels mostly, because, well, I tend to be fairly held back in my devotional feels for my deities. So I appropriately feel more like “booping the god feels” is more accurate to how my god feels present themselves. I lightly approach the feelings and I do enjoy seeing others god feels even if I don’t lose myself in them. It is in general how most of my feelings work. The unexpected nostalgia yesterday is one of those times my Scorpio moon bubbles over with emotions I am not prepared for.

Granted, this gets away from my intention to talk about one of the Things the Morrighan is always telling me to do. She has this habit that if I start to ask about the purpose of doing things she’ll respond with the quip that I need to do my shadow work and maybe I’ll find out why she is also having me work with Manannan on this navigating the Celtic Otherworlds. Even if I ask Manny when she isn’t there, she swoops in and says, “Nope. Do the work and maybe you’ll find out.” πŸ˜›

I honestly think Manny gets a kick out of it every time I ask him and she interrupts us. Even if she isn’t a part of the work I am doing that night with him, she inevitably appears at those moments when I ask. The longer I go, the more annoyed she gets about the fact I haven’t finished my shadow work. Which honestly is somewhat entertaining to make her annoyed and I think Lugh and Manny get a kick out of me trolling her by putting it off and they are even more amused that she’ll roll back by interrupting and telling me to get on the shadow work if I ever ask the purpose of my work with Manny.

But I suppose she is right and I do need to start doing more with my shadow work. I think the hit of nostalgia yesterday was another reminder that I needed to do some work with things. So I have added a new page in my bullet journal as a check list for the shadow work exercises I need to do fromΒ The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak I have been borrowing for a long while from my roommate. Plus I have a check list for a Tumblr 31-Day Shadow Work Challenge that incorporates Tarot and everything. I figure this will help remind me about things. πŸ˜› Hopefully.

I am sure I will continue to be pestered by the Morrighan about it. Particularly if I even begin to ask Manny about something. It will be a matter of doing a little here and there on a more consistent basis. With Spring Break coming up, that will give me a good opportunity to definitely work harder on some of those things and get into a routine again. Maybe I’ll do a mini-retreat like I did last year. We’ll see. πŸ˜€


3 thoughts on “Booping God Feels and Shadow Work

  1. *help* How do you do shadow work? I’ve done some research about it a few months ago but i don’t really understand the process… I know it’s about working on yourself but…how do you know your progress? Or what the gods want for you to work on?


    • Well, since I clearly put it off all the time I may not be the best one to ask. LOL. But I do mine based off The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak as an outline for what I should work on. Penczak has a lot of good exercises in general to work on things. Unmaskingthedivine on Tumblr also has some great resources (I’ve also have several things tagged there for reference). I will do divination now and then to see where my progress is or what I need to focus on next. As for the gods…mostly I just get a snarky remark from the Morrigan to do it in general, but usually she doesn’t tell me to do anything specific. But I guess, as far as the process really goes, it is spending time working on the parts of yourself that you ignore and suppress and taking the time to acknowledge and work through and process those things to be more whole and complete. It often involves giving a life to all those things we suppress into the shadow self and confronting it in some way and integrating. If that makes sense.

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