I wanted to show off my newly cleaned altar. It has been a bit cluttered and I had little desire to clean it up until today. Which I find funny because I have started getting a bit of a cold and I have the desire to clean up my altar when I am sick. I will roll with it.

I removed quite a few of the candles I had up there because that was one reason it was cluttered. The other reason was my crystals sitting around so I cleaned up a bunch of those (putting away the ones that I am not using but don’t want to get rid of) and just overall decluttered it. Though, by no means is it completely clutter free. I could still use to put some things away that I am not using as often.

my altar

This is the first thing I have had a desire to do on my path recently save some bits of divination here and there. I have had some meditation/conversations with a few spirits I work with but overall I have been at a standstill again. They are a bit more frequent than they used to be, but hopefully the altar care will get things flowing again and get me interested in actually doing something again with the Morrigan and the rest. 😛


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  1. I can relate to this. I went through a bit of a spiritual boom last year, but things have slowed down since then. Arranging my altar decorations is one of my favorite practices. It allows me to creatively express myself and focus on my spirituality in a fun way.

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    • I don’t nearly clear and rearrange my altar enough and I think that is why I get stuck so often in my path. Of course, now that I cleared so much of it off, I have to deal with my cat jumping on it more often. >.<


      • >.< is how I feel when my cat does the same thing, especially when he decides to play with a crystal. My altar is beside a window and for some reason he has a tendency to jump on the altar to step into the windowsill instead of just jumping up a foot onto the windowsill. I tend to rearrange my altar according to the time of year, so it probably gets changed up at least 4 times throughout a year in celebration of the season.


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