Monthly Tarot 6/1

Sorry it has been a bit since I posted anything of consequence on here. The spring semester at college where I teach was a bit busy for me and I got into the habit of putting off too much of my spiritual work. With the summer a bit more mild in regards to business, I figured it was time to post something again. This being my monthly tarot and a little blurb about what I have been up to.

I have been writing them down in my bullet journal the last couple months even though I haven’t shared them with anyone. This last month has honestly gotten to where I have really started moving again with my practice. Shadow work is going along. I am taking some time to study aspects of Gaelic polytheism. I am not sure if it is an apt description of my practice as of yet, but it is something I am studying as part of devotional activities for the Morrigan. And of course there are numerous astral and metaphysical dealings that have been happening.

Onto my monthly tarot with my Shadowscapes deck.

Week 1: Four of Cups – self absorption, introspection, sinking too deep into one’s concerns, lost in reveries, awareness of the outside fades away

Week 2: Three of Swords – grief and heartbreak, loneliness, separation, isolation, abandoned and betrayed, weeping and pain that is necessary to cleanse and purify

Week 3: II The High Priestess – wisdom, knowledge, learning, intuition, purity, virtue, spirituality

Week 4: Eight of Wands – beginning of a long journey to a goal, great undertaking at hand

Overall: XVI The Tower – catastrophe, sudden change, releasing all emotions, blow to ego, revelation and seeing through illusions, a necessary disrupt to the status quo

The interesting thing here is that last month the Tower, the High Priestess, and the 8 of Wands all showed as well. In different orders, but they were there. As last month, and hopefully this one will be, was when I started setting to work on my path again the High Priestess is an appropriate card to show up again. Even the 8 of Wands with is designation that a new journey on this path. And that shift in focus to my spiritual stuff seems to me like The Tower’s presence.

As far as the the other cards go this month, I had a reading from a dear friend where she discussed the importance of taking time alone to focus on these things but not completely hermitting myself or become so absorbed in it. So I think the 4 of Cups was reiterating that point. And then with the 3 of Swords, all I can think is more shadow work I need to do. 😛

So, we will see how this next month progresses. 🙂


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