Dream Log 6.29.16

The Context:

Last night I went out for trivia and we swept the floor in all three rounds because it was all music and my mentor is great a music trivia. But I did that last night before coming home to bed where I watched an episode of Orange Is the New Black Season 4. Lately, I have also started dating someone and having some, I-don’t-know-what anxiety. Whether much of any of this related to my dream, I do not know.

The Dream:

Several family members are here. Nieces and nephews. My siblings. And several of my friends. Some event is happening and we are getting ready for it. I wear a red corset under my dress (maybe it is red too, but I can’t recall for sure. I know the corset is for sure). Everyone has left as I finish getting ready, but I find someone, a man, to help adjust the back of my dress. (I know him somehow in the dream and we share some history and supposed trust, but I do not recognize him from my waking life). He helps me and we both head to the event, but go our separate ways.

The event goes on. I don’t know what it is, but in the dream I do. I recognize her at some point as well, but at this point there is no animosity. We are just there at the same event and we vaguely know each other. The event goes well, until a certain point. My failing dress is not the only thing that causes panic and chaos, but the dream doesn’t show me everything.

My dress comes apart from the back. I have to hold it up and keep it wrapped around me. My friends help me and we go to a private area. The rest of the chaos is happening at the same time and the party, the event, has fallen to pieces. I know what has happened to my dress. Sabotaged by the man from earlier. Now there is more realization of our history together. He’s done something else to betray me, and he scares me, but I can’t recall why.

I huddle on a couch with my friends around me. I grab a hold of one’s arm as she comforts me and then I see him appear around the corner. I cannot say anything. He is too highly respected. No one in power would really believe me. But my friends see it, in the way I clutch at her arm and hide from him.

Something clicks for me, and my inner warrior comes out. Whatever else is happening here must stop. I have to stop it before it gets worse. My friends agree to help and we set forth on our mission.

It doesn’t go as well as we hope. She is there again. The man had been helping her and she has taken over. All we can do is run and flee or risk imprisonment or worse. My friends face less risk than I do and they hide me someplace safe but return to their mission.

Time passes, perhaps years, and things seem to have gotten worse in this dream world. My friends have not returned, but not from abandonment or betrayal. And for the first time since hiding where I am, she comes to the area. I try to hide and see her entourage pass close beside me. By sheer luck she doesn’t see me. She’s looked the other way as she comes close. I am relieved, but I know now I cannot sit and wait any longer.

A friend in this area has been helping me, a man, and he guides me to a place where the people there can possibly help me. There are strange blocks of ice or crystal in this area that are much like a glacier. They glow and grow in strange ways. But we are being pursued and hide here. The place disconcerts me but it scares our pursuers enough that we are safe. We continue crossing the crystal glacier and come upon an area of water and people, merfolk perhaps.

We have to be careful, they are not the friendliest of people, my friend tells me. They don’t trust many, especially those from where we are from. But I mess up. I slip and fall into the waters in my rush at some point. They are upon me. They don’t know who I am, yet, but they know enough to want to kill me.

I escape, with his help, and climb up out of the water to speak to them. One has come out of the water with me though, their leader, a fierce woman. I call out to them, though. “I am Princess Althea, and I need your help.” There is a cacophony of noise from all of them. They know who I am now, and I have been missing for years.

The woman grabs me and holds a knife to my throat. She says something that implies she intends to turn me in to her. It would give them freedom and a reward if they gave me up to her. But something changes in her countenance. My people and I had never been her enemy, just the usurper who stole the kingdom. They would help me.

The Commentary:

Half of me has no idea what to really think about this dream. But I guess I’ll break it down based on who I recognized in the dream. I recognize the main “her” from the dream who stole the kingdom. She is someone from my own life that I don’t talk to anymore and someone who periodically still shows up in my dreams in different ways. The men, both the first who betrayed me and the one who is my friend I do not recognize. My family in the dream were all pretty much my family in my waking life though. And my friends. I recognized my roommate in one part and a friend from online (who’s arm I held) and another friend from high school.

I very very consciously remember saying I was “Princess Althea” in the dream too. I don’t often remember names in dreams or even say them. So honestly, that throws me off quite a lot. The whole running and hiding and uprising stuff isn’t unusual for my dreams though (and honestly I have had a few dreams where I was a princess but yeah). The actual name being remembered is interesting to me.

In some ways, I almost think about it being some random past life memory, not that I need any more to be trying to figure out right now. In other ways, I’m like, damn this will be a very fun story to try to write all out whether or not it was just a dream.

Lastly, I am not sure if the whole thing with the man who betrayed me was in some ways related to some of my dating anxieties I am having. It could be, I don’t know. Not that I think this guy I am dating was the guy in the dream (appearances definitely not but also I didn’t recognize my date at all in my dream), but maybe just that weird way that dreams work to make us work through crap in our lives. But, hell, that was pretty highly elaborate and not overly focused on the betrayer guy.

So yeah. I haven’t written down many dreams lately because they have been pretty vague if I do recall them. This one was damn clear and fairly easy to recall all the main bits. Especially the name. :/


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