Little Update

Not really sure what I totally want to say here. Sorry, I have been gone for a bit. No excuses really about why I haven’t been posting. I probably won’t attempt to make any promises about keeping up with posting either right now. Just been one of those times I guess.

Anyway, I have been shifting some focus on my path these last couple months on my path. Less deity work and more general spirit work. Definitely still considering myself a polytheist with a Gaelic/Irish focus, though. Just had to shift gears recently and focus elsewhere. Hopefully soon though I can find the right balance between things.

Right now, I am trying to heavily focus on my shadow work. A new spirit in my life is helping as is the Morrigan still. Everything honestly is probably a little jumbled at the moment. I have had to back off my old tumblr and I have had a switch in scenery by starting a new one. There I created a sideblog for my shadow work. 🙂 Which is good.

I don’t think this blog will disappear. There is something in it. Something I still need. And I’ll eventually probably get back to posting a bit more at some point. Same thing with my memoir blog. I need to finish that. That is part of my shadow work. It is something needed too.

I am sort of in a spot right now. I need to take some step backs in certain areas. Refocus again. So yeah. Just wanted to update about things.


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