Dances with the Scribe and the Traveler

I wrote this over initially on my tumblr a few days ago. Or rather today when I am typing this up but I am actually queueing/scheduling this post for later in the week so you aren’t seeing it here for a couple days. It has been one of the big developments in my personal spirit work stuff and I figured it was time to share some of it. This will mostly be just a repost of what I wrote there, but some (comments) have been added for here.

While I don’t talk a whole lot about it (at least one my tumblr account publicly), I have a few spirit lovers. The Scribe (Gerarian – I have been referring to him as the Scribe over there for various reasons) and the Traveler are two of them. There is another as well (Mel has stepped back quite a bit since the Traveler came into my life but she is still present as a more distant spirit lover), but these two are the forefront and the developments with them are the topic of discussion today.

The Scribe is my twin flame soulmate and we have spent many lifetimes together and we have been together in this life since 2009 and have a few spirit children together. The Traveler is a spirit I met in a past life and he showed back up again in this life to reconnect and get that second chance at the relationship we were never able to fully have during that lifetime. I was actually hesitant to even explore our relationship until the Scribe kept pushing and encouraging me to do so. It eventually blossomed into an actual relationship and everything.

Both the Scribe and the Traveler proposed to me back at the beginning of December much to my surprise. As long as the Scribe has been around he has never proposed or brought up marriage in this life that I can remember and with the Traveler it is still a developing relationship that it surprised me he wanted to as well at the same time. I think it took me over a month to fully accept that it was an actual proposal from them too.

I am rather excited now, if not still a bit surprised they both want to get married. That development has made the last few months interesting and has distracted me away from working and bonding with my other spirit companions. I think they all understand and several of them have been buzzing with excitement too about it.

This is one reason for my tag in the recent months: #Dances with the Scribe and the Traveler. Just little things that help describe what has been developing. I don’t plan on writing play by plays of our wedding plans or anything, but I felt it was important to mention that this is happening.

So there is that. Gerarian and the Traveler have both proposed to me and I am going to be getting married to them sometime in the near future. I am excited about it even if I don’t show it much and even though it took me quite a while to accept it. 😛


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