Hey! I am Maya. I am 29-years-old and I am a part-time adjunct instructor of English with degrees in English and Psychology. I am also walking a fairly eclectic spiritual path that mixes witchcraft in. Hedge witch is the best description. I am also, for the most part, a Gaelic polytheist.

About this Blog:

This blog is meant to explore aspects of my path further and more specifically than I have been up to this point. My Tumblr has given me many ideas about different things but not entirely for purposely exploring what it is I do. And my other two WordPress blogs are designed to explore past lives and the other to describe where I have come from in my spiritual path rather than where it is now.

I will try to post about actual things I do, how I do things and see things (UPGs), and general thoughts that I am exploring. I may talk about my astral work, my dreams and dream work, my meditations, and other things that come up. Anything that relates to past lives will be on that blog and anything regarding my past in this life will be on that blog.


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