I felt I should give a bit of an explanation to my categories in case any seem confusing (though I think most are straightforward).

Ancestor Work – I suppose I could call it veneration instead, but whatever. I may be incorporating more of this work into my path, but it is a Category related to any type of work dealing with my ancestors, by blood or other.

Astral Log – This Category is for posts that are related to any specific astral travels I do. Sometimes these posts will overlap with the Meditation or the Dream Log categories. This usually will talk about aspects of my metaphysical woo-life, but I use a lot of discretion when it comes to posting things about my metaphysical woo-life.

Crystals – This Category will contain posts related to crystals. I will start posting blurbs about crystals and how I use them and work with them. But some may relate to crystal meditations as well.

Dealings with Deities – This Category will relate to my work with deities. Some may be meditations, others may be clairaudient related conversations, some may be dream related. As I work more with certain ones you may see devotional related posts here, but devotional may get its own category in the future too.

Dream Log – This Category pertains to dreams I have and any dream work I do. Some may overlap with the Astral Log if it relates to something I have done in my metaphysical/astral woo-life. Other parts will certainly overlap with Deity Dealings as well.

Entity Dealings – The Category will relate to anything that has to do with the beings I work with on the astral and metaphysical planes. Entity will honestly cover a lot of different types of beings so that’s why I use that instead of calling the category “Guides” or something. Most will pertain to guides and companions more than other types of beings, but I am leaving it more open for now.

Experimental Practice – This Category will contain posts that talk about anything new and experimental I am incorporating into my spiritual and witchcraft practice. Honestly, it is anything that I don’t often do, but I want to see about bringing into what I do. This is currently mostly consisting of devotion/devotee related things and certain psychic gifts.

Faith Trust Pixie Dust – This is probably one of the more oddly titled Categories. It pertains to things related to my “spirit spouse” type relationship with Gerarian. This is the happier version of the two categories related to this. This is usually related to more aspects of healing too and accepting the non-corporeal relationship than the Love Lust Lust category.

General Practice – This Category is really just a catch all and really serves almost as the Uncategorized option. But these posts relate to some aspect of my general practice of things.

Holidays – This Category will be about any celebrations I do along my path for holidays. Some will be path holidays that my roommate and I have worked on and designed for our personal SPG, but some may be more “mainstream” ones.

Love Lust Loss – This Category is the “darker” side of things relating to my relationship healing stuff. It contains things related more to the anxieties and issues I have with dealing with my non-corporeal relationship with Gerarian or other relationships in my past that have an affect on my spiritual path. It often overlaps with the Faith Trust Pixie Dust category because often the things talked about in a given post cover both the happy and sad aspects of those relationships.

Meditations – The Category covers information regarding any meditations I do that I feel like sharing. It is a straightforward category.

Messages from Others – This Category involves posts where I mention messages and readings I have gotten from other people regarding whatever. Often crossover with the Psychic Development category.

My Craft – This Category will cover any posts related to anything I do witchcraft wise. Some my be devotional related. Some might not be. Just depends.

Past Lives РThis Category will cover any current work I am doing with past lives. I have a separate WordPress for posts about events and memories from past lives but this Category for this blog relates to anything I am currently working on.

Psychic Development – This Category covers posts related to my personal work in psychic development. There is often crossover into Deity Dealings and even Experimental Practice and also Meditations.

Shufflemancy Messages – This Category is a divination category relating to music and shufflemancy. There will be a crossover with Dealings with Deities and Entity Dealings categories because that is who is giving me the messages through music.

Tarot Log – This is another divination Category that relates mostly to my tarot work. Some is general spreads I do. Most posts concern the weekly spreads I do. A few are Month Ahead spreads. But it may also contain posts where I do divination with oracle cards instead of tarot.

Uncategorized – This Category is really for anything unrelated to my practice. It often has to deal with general updates that don’t belong in any specific category.


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