The Crow

This morning I decided I was going to go ahead and get going a little faster than usual. More or less. 😛

After I got dressed and started fixing my oatmeal this morning, I started to hear the cawing. Now, crows are not entirely unusual in our area, but now and then when my roommate and I are talking about something there is a too well timed caw that interrupts us. Or there will be something on my mind and then a caw or crows flying around. I don’t usually hear crows cawing when I am inside the house though.

I didn’t really pay much attention initially. Because, again, they aren’t unusual where I live and I was more concerned about the consistency of my oatmeal. But then my cat went on alert. He usually likes to chirp at little song birds and robins, and I have never seen him take an interest in crows before. He was unusually much more quiet this morning while my roommate was still in her room and when he heard the crow cawing out back he did his spaz run to the back window and the dog’s couch to look out the window. He did the little cat chirps to the crow that sat in the branches of the neighbor’s tree that lined our yard. And it kept cawing back.

It just seemed to signal a little more than just a bird hanging out by our house. A little confirmation, perhaps. And then my daily tarot pull was the 8 of Cups from my Revelations Tarot. It is about making a movement to leave behind emotional stress. To walk away from that which does not serve any more. That, today, with the Morrigan calling out, we reached the end of this and can eventually make room for more.

And now Clair de Lune is playing on my Pandora on my phone. A song that has a great deal of past life significance for me. Not necessarily related to leaving behind and walking away, but, I don’t know. It just seems like an appropriate song to hear right now.

Also, I dreamed about Gerarian last night. At least in one part of my dream. 😛


Cookies and Apples

That just seems like a fun, innocuous little title.

So I did get some more confirmation on the deity that the Morrighan seems to want me to work with. I like giving her the task of sending me specific signs so I know for sure, so I picked “cookies,” hence the title. So I may continue to associate this deity with cookies. Kind of like how I associate Loki with cheese and ladybugs. 😛

Anyway, I am still learning a bit about who this deity is and what the Morrighan would like me to work with him on, but I figured I go ahead and share.

I have been wondering for awhile when and who I would meet next on my path. It had been a bit quiet on my personal path since I was busy with teaching. Since I seem to be mostly in the Celtic pantheons lately anyway (mostly Irish), it seems like the next deity would be within the Gaelic pantheon. I hadn’t been consciously looking to meet another, but I was speculating to myself who the Morrighan would decide I should meet and work with. So I started to see more and more on my dash related to the sea and water and, more specifically, the god ManannĂĄn mac Lir.

From my quick perusals of lore I read before, ManannĂĄn seemed like and interesting deity. He isn’t one of the Tuatha dĂ© Danann but was affiliated with them. He is the one most commonly sited as having fostered Lugh to adulthood. But the biggest thing about him is that he is seen as a god of the sea and the Otherworlds as a guardian and one who ferries the souls of the dead to the Otherworlds and he resides at Emhain Abhlach (isle of apple trees).

I won’t get into too much more about who he is and the lore associated with him. I mostly wanted to cover the basics of that. From sitting with him a couple times, he seems very gregarious and will be easy to work with. I am not 100% sure for what reasons I will be working with him, but some of it relates to whatever the Morrighan is wanting me to do for her more. I don’t know if that means anything related to actually working with the Dead not something that is really my area and I am less inclined to believe it actually deals with that aspect of the Otherworlds or if it relates more to Otherworld travel.

Before I got super busy with the semester teaching, I had also started looking into aspects of Irish polytheism and how the belief system was set up. Their concept of cosmology is related to three realms of Land, Sea, and Sky (incidentally have read certain areas in the Celtic Otherworlds relates to these areas as well) with the Land being more this physical realm, the Sea being being the Otherworld of the afterlife, and the Sky being weather related. I am oversimplifying and butchering the concepts here but when I was looking up these things the aspect of immramma and echtrai came up which are voyages to the Otherworlds. The Morrighan indicated this was something she wanted me to do.

So, I think the work the Morrighan wants me to do with ManannĂĄn relates to doing astral work in some capacity. I am not sure what the long term or end goal is yet. Most of the time I don’t think to ask or expect to get a straight answer anyway. But it is something to explore. And again, ManannĂĄn seems like a pretty cool deity to work with from my couple of sit downs with him this past week. So this’ll be fun. 😛

Meditations and Past Lives with the Morrigan

The Morrigan, while showing me that part of this journey is about the wandering, she (and I) want to make sure I start doing things regularly. This includes meditating more. So far I have been more consistent about it. Sometimes I don’t sit long at my altar and I can’t focus much, but it is taking the time to do so that has been helping.

Sometimes, I also just try talking to her while I am driving to or from work. I often let my thoughts wander to the song playing or have to focus my attention on the traffic, but other times I can actually hold a decent conversation with the Morrigan or whoever. And today Lugh popped in on my way to work.

Nothing was particularly discussed about my path or anything, but he asked, or I offered, that I need to exercise more and that can be part of my work with him. He isn’t as exercise oriented as other deities may be, but he is athletic and as a jack-of-all-trades he is well-rounded in all areas, so why not. The Morrigan has indicated it is not something she is as interested in me doing for her, but it is perfectly okay to do for him. So I sort of made the promise to do workouts more and dedicate that time and energy to him.

However, that really isn’t what I wanted to talk about here. This evening, when I settled in to meditate before bed I should just be sleeping now but I decided to do some work on a potential side-blog and then write this for this blog, the Morrigan indicated she wanted me to go someplace with her.

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Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice

Today was Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice (Litha). First, I went to visit my dad today and had lunch with my parents. It was nice. I made plans to go to the movies later this week with him too. ^_^ It was a nice time spending with them. I took my cat with me because he hasn’t been feeling well and my dad asked about his “grand-kitty” the other day so I had to bring his grand-kitty with me for Father’s day.

When I got home, I initially sat down to meditate but I got in a mood. Since it is Father’s Day, I thought about doing something special for Gerarian since he is the daddy of our astral children. I found some “sultry” music, because my roommate was at work and I thought I’d dance a bit and other things. Well, I ended up getting more into the dancing and found some nice 8tracks playlists for the Summer Solstice and kept dancing. I put on a mask and my flower crown, lit up candles, and put on my jingly bellydance scarf. Yeah. I got into it for some reason and totally unplanned.

I got a little too into dancing and it being Solstice and Midsummer and Litha and whatever other names this time of year goes by. I liked the bright light from my window behind me. 😛

So yeah. Today was interesting. I have includes the picture of my altar too. Not that it is any different from pictures from a few days ago, but I was in the picture taking mood.

Candles lit up on my altar while I was getting into my dancing by myself for Solstice.

After I got a stitch in my side I settled down and got a glass of water and then decided, since Midsummer is great for connecting to the Faerie realms, I would try that. A post went around recently on Tumblr about a drink from Ponyo where you just boil water, use two teaspoons or so of honey, some cinnamon, and fill a mug half-way with the hot water and then the remaining half with milk. You have a perfect temperature drink that tastes delightful, and honestly, very much suited for an offering for faeries. So I mad that and offered it to the pixies and fae and other faerie beings that are around. I drank part of it too but I had a portion set aside for them.

I sat down and began to meditate and Emma, my pixie joy-guide, excitedly swept me off to join whatever party was happening. There were other of our fae, pixie, and elven friends there all dancing and celebrating. And Gerarian was there with the kids. I danced with him but I think I also danced with another of our fae friends who is a prince. It was nice and I am sure the party is still going on and will continue going on for quite some time.

Funny thing is, I never really go there often when I am consciously meditating or astral traveling. I know I go often while I sleep, but it is nice to go while I am conscious and can immediately recall things rather than just assuming something happened.

Oh. And the Morrigan was there. She seemed amused but didn’t join the festivities of dancing like everyone else. She just seemed content watching everyone else.

I will probably go do something more with Gerarian tonight when I go to bed. He deserves it. I don’t do enough for me. Of course, when he heard me say something about that he started to say something about more kids. Honestly, most of the times he never actually says anything, I just know that’s what he is thinking about. I immediately said no as I have been every time he does bring it up. Eventually it will happen, I am sure, but not for now.

When I came back from the party, I decided to pull some cards from The Heart of Faerie Oracle as seemed appropriate. I connected to Emma and another and pulled the following two cards:

I feel like Cornelius was being a smart ass when I was asking my question.

I asked if there was anything I needed, or they wanted me to work on with them.

60 The Question – Intention. Dialogue. Answers. Questions are very important in Faerie. They, along with wishes and answers and anything that helps or hinders the journey all affect one’s relationship with Faerie. It is important to discover the answers on own. It is also important to know why you are traveling to Faerie and to express that reason. It is time to answer those questions yourself and once answered you can ask one of your own.

16 The Messenger – Confusion. Mischief. Gossip. The Messenger flits between the courts delivering messages and whispering gossip and news to all. He can be a force of good intentions or mischief. He likes nothing more than complication where it isn’t necessary. He loves a good laugh at someone else’s expense. Time to verify what people are telling you and be aware of this messenger in your life and take what he says with a grain of salt.

I honestly feel the first card related to something he told me while dancing about remembering I am part of the faerie community since I am half pixie. I tend to focus so much on my human side that I neglect my pixie side. And also I need to sit down and figure out things I want to do with my path (the Morrigan only gives me so much. In my Weekly Tarot post coming up I will explain some of what she has to say there).

The second card just makes me think he was being a little shit with the reading, just like the Messenger. 🙂

Overall, I had a really nice day considering the random shit things that have been happening this month. It is nice having a some really good days here and there. This was one of the better news days, even with a smart-ass fae prince giving me a message in a reading.

Three Evenings with Cerridwen’s Cauldron

While I did do a Tarot reading for what work I am to be doing with Cerridwen I really didn’t interpret it fully because I got distracted. I asked for confirmations though to make sure things were happening or whatever. I have a tendency to compound multiple signs on beings I work with to confirm that they are there and everything else. This time I chose three separate symbols.

First sign I asked for was pigs. Another was bears. And the third was charity. I don’t often see pigs where I live, or on my dash for that matter. However, I got quite a few after I started complaining that Cerridwen wasn’t very good at sending signs. But it was still just pigs so I insisted that I needed to see bears and charity as well. I did get quite a few bears show up then too.

Charity was a little harder, but it came in time and while I didn’t think of it at first, my roommate had invited me to do the Race for the Cure this weekend with her, which is obviously charity.

Anyway, the confirmations are not the point of this post. I just felt it was necessary to mention that I did some confirmation work with Cerridwen. What I really want to talk about is the actual work Cerridwen is having me do with her.

Our work was broken up into three evenings. Each evening was set up as different stage to the process. While I don’t usually work within the confines of specific myths nor do I work through any being’s mythos as a journey, this work with Cerridwen has been set up that way.

Each was set up like a journey meditation. Granted, some nights I fell asleep in the process, I am aware of the work we did in the astral for this, initiation as it were. These past three evenings have been a necessary part of the task as they occurred at the new moon, a time of new beginnings. Hence why the Morrigan was insistent I work with Cerridwen this week so I could get this, whatever it is, done on time. Continue reading