Pathless Wanderings

Lately…honestly it would be more accurate to say that the last few years I have felt this way more frequently than not, but I have been feeling rather pathless as of late. I don’t know where things are heading. I keep wandering along what I think is my path, but I can’t find my way.

I have written before about wandering along this path of mine. I started this blog because I felt stuck and it really doesn’t feel like much has changed. There have been times I moved forward for various reasons. But whether from my lack of dedication to things or it is simply how the cycles have gone, I feel  stuck again…and not for the first time since starting the blog.

The majority of my problem is really my own lack of dedication. Its part of what causes these cycles to continue. I am never making permanent changes in my life because I am not sticking with anything I ought to be sticking to. There has been only minuet steps forward over these last two and half years with this blog and I am disappointed in myself. My problem has always been a lack of dedication. There are only certain things I have consistently stuck with over the years and even some of those things it hasn’t been entirely consistent. I let myself get distracted and come up with excuses as to why I don’t do this or that more regularly.

Life happens too and I let myself get consumed by other mundane things. Sometimes those things are necessary. But I know I get in my own way with letting those things consume my time by not planning my time better, binge watching shows, etc. I know I am my own worst enemy in all of this. I don’t listen as much as I should. I ignore the routines I try to establish for myself. I procrastinate and tell myself I can do it tomorrow. I run from the few things I catch glimpses of out of fear of what it will change. I am so set in my bad habits of not doing the things that I never do them and never move forward in the way I should.

This isn’t supposed to sound as self-deprecating as it probably does. My intention is more to acknowledge my own lack of responsibility in my path. My intention has been to figure out something and I do that best by just writing.

Recently, my Anam Cara and another dear friend did dual readings on Tumblr and I managed to get in on their offerings. They wrote it in a story format that was beautifully written. The actual messages struck a few chords with me. The one aspect of the reading was this:

He smiled at you. “My dear, there may be some practical activities and material gain that may help you move forward. Remember to be persistent as that will help find the treasure you’re looking for. Remain grounded as you move forward and stand up tall and strong, though be light on your feet as if you were the air of the earth itself. Think hard and be clever. You have the means to take your first steps into your new path.”

…and the other part was this:

“Round and round the circle goes. It’s never ending since the first angel stood up. Sometimes, that circle no longer can hold, but when does it stop? You must topple it like the tower and strike it with lightning and justice. Then build the circle and start a new cycle that works. We build for the future you and I because the worlds need to live on, so let’s start anew.” He gives you a knowing smile before embracing you, whispering, “It’s time to go silver grey and give them all hell.” He slowly let go of the embrace and letting your hands slip through his.

The first part honestly just reminds me about the fact that I need to take the practical, and consistent, actions I have needed to take for years. I don’t need to continue spending time researching like I have been or pretending I am researching. I need to stop procrastinating on the doing of things. I need to make the time for it I have been avoiding.

The second part was a little more to mull over, but sitting here and partially bemoaning my own lack of commitment (Aquarius over here being bad at commitment) I am ever reminded of the fact that I am the Tower. While my numerology number is a 4 and about building foundations, I am also the Tower and need to destroy the things I have built in my life that do not actually support me on this journey. I need to let the tower of my bad habits tumble down. I can’t progress any further on my personal spiritual path with those towers standing in my life.

There are other towers too that second part refers to. Ones that are beyond just my own path, but those are not the ones that make me personally feel stuck and those are ones that I am not focusing on here. Those have a whole other connotation.

The problem is, though, that I still don’t know exactly what to do. I don’t know where I should refocus my path. I don’t know what pieces to destroy and set permanently aside. There are these little aspects I suspect and think may be it. I consider some of the mundane things I can do in order to make things more clear for me. My mundane life is far more cluttered and impeding to my spiritual journey than I fully admit. But I do not know 100% what needs to go. I need to change so many things. I need to refocus myself. But there is so much that I don’t know where to begin.

There are certain things I am afraid of too. There are these little glimpses on the path that is hovering in the distance that scare me. Some are nowhere near enough to the now in my path to really worry, but I still do. Others are close and I don’t know if it is where I want to go. There are choices before me, options that I have and there are parts of me that are afraid of making the wrong choice. As much as I have split my focus in the past, I know now I need to start narrowing those many focuses down to a much smaller number.

I have been wandering away from the path for months despite the times I ask other readers or the Morrighan herself. I have been avoiding the things I really need to be doing. It is probably why she kept refusing to tell me anything anyway. I wasn’t going to follow through back then anyway. I wasn’t acknowledging I was running from things. I have been wandering away from the path pretending I was on it all along. It has been months, if not the last year or so, of pathless wanderings.

It hasn’t been all for naught though. There have been things gained in this. Shadow work has happened and is still happening even now with this post. There have been revelations and new phases of my relationships with various spirits in my life. But there has been a great deal of faking it too. My favorite teacher has always said “fake it until you make it” in regards to psychic development and it has been a tremendous help. I think a lot of my faking it has been more of a distraction than anything, though.

I don’t know if this will accomplish what it needs to for myself. It seems to be mostly a ramble of blaming myself for making what feels to me little to no progress along my actual path, the path I have been wandering away from for months. I don’t know if this will truly prompt me to head back towards the path I should be walking. I don’t know if this will really get me to destroy the towers that need destroyed in my spiritual life. I don’t know if this will prompt me to figure out what my focused path should be.

I just don’t know.

I am still just wandering along this pathless route.


Integrating the Spiritual and Mundane, Goals to Work Toward

I mentioned previously in this post about how I am wanting…no. It is more of a need to be completely honest. There is a need to more fully integrate my spiritual work with my “mundane” work. I cannot do that teaching English Composition. I mean. I can incorporate little things here and there that bring my magic and craft into teaching English, but not the way I need to be doing.

Getting a job at the new age shop would be a start. If they call me back, that is. But I need to do more than just that. With the potential cutbacks I have been hearing about with my teaching job, I need a part time position for sure. But in the long run, I need to take other steps to bring my spiritual/metaphysical life to the forefront.

I have dedicated a little over one-third of my life actively to my spiritual development. It has been more than just to be a better person. I see that a bit more now than I used to. I used to think that I could compartmentalize these areas of my life, the mundane and the metaphysical. But I don’t think that is what I am supposed to do anymore.

A few years ago, I had gotten a reading from a psychic at the new age shop I am currently applying to work. She actually sort of surprised me. While I really do enjoy doing readings and taking psychic development classes, I never have really felt all that confident in my abilities. Maybe that is partially still a remnant of what I went through in college with my first coven and how we were and weren’t encouraged. But this psychic told me that an opportunity would present itself in the coming years to take a step into doing what she does. She actually told me something like, “You should be giving me the reading” or “You could be doing what I am doing.” She had asked me how seriously I was taking my development and that essentially the choice would present itself on whether I would take it to the next level and pursue things further. She had mentioned that when that time came, my choice would be clear.

It definitely made me think. I have occasionally looked into taking classes from a nearby spiritualist camp that offers certifications in various fields of psychic study. Nothing really has come of that though. It is just every now and then that I actually look up things there. But still, the seed was planted then with that reading. Maybe I could do that or at least do readings like that gal had told me I could.  Yet still, I have never really done anything. The choice hadn’t fully presented itself.

If feels like that time has finally come. In some way, little by little, things have come up that made me realize that keeping my spiritual and psychic life separate from my mundane hasn’t been fulfilling enough. It is part of what has been making me feel so stuck. Getting passed up for a full-time position yet again, shadow work, and just general contemplation have all made me start to realize that I want to do something more with my life. I need to integrate both sides of my life. I can be very good at compartmentalizing, but that isn’t working for me anymore.

I can be open about my spiritual stuff with several of my work colleagues, but I can’t truly bring that side of things into my job. I love teaching and I love writing, but I am realizing that writing is not what I should be teaching. I should certainly be writing and I should certainly still be teaching. But teaching writing is not where my path is leading anymore. It is a means to an end now. It is something to give me the chance to build up some stability while working toward a new goal that will allow me to let me spiritual psychic side be more prominent.

I had been thinking recently about my numerology again. My life path/struggle number is 4. Four is a number of stability. My mentor in psychic development describes the life path number as being something we struggle with in this life more than anything. I wouldn’t necessarily say I struggle with finding stability in my life. At least not always (though financially speaking that has been recently more of a struggle). But my struggle is with being complacent in places that are too stable. Unless something shifts the status quo enough, I will sit complacently by and pretend I am satisfied with things, even if I am not.

I have been pretending for a few semesters that I am happy teaching. I get my classes, so I am happy because I get the paycheck to help pay for my car and other things. My shadow work this past year started really showing me how that it is mostly just being complacent in my position. Sure I apply for full-time. Sure I could see myself teaching full-time, more or less. But it is complacency and not actual job satisfaction or happiness.

I need the Storm. I need the Tower to come tumbling down to often realize when I am being too complacent in my life. I have too often let myself compartmentalize when I shouldn’t. I have too often let myself continue down paths that do not stimulate my creativity or challenge me.

That Storm that is coming in my path needs me to no longer keep my mundane and spiritual life separate. That isn’t the balance in my life that I need. I need to integrate them so that they are one. That is the balance I need. That is part of what I have been seeking for the last few years.

Whether or not I get the confirmation signs I asked for, I know deep within that I cannot continue separating out my mundane and spiritual lives like this forever. I do not know for certain if this is what the Morrighan has been pushing me towards all these years or not, but I am making a decision for myself to push toward something that will be more appropriate for my continued soul development. Because I don’t need to know if this is what she wants from me anymore and I don’t necessarily need her permission to pursue it. Always waiting for her direction has gotten me nowhere and I know that isn’t what I was supposed to be doing anyway.

Something that I have wanted to do for years is have my own bookshop. When I was much younger I always imaged a full theme-park style bookstore with different historical eras and stuff. Way impractical, but the child I was back then thought it would have been awesome. The more practical 30-year-old adult I am now is much more inclined to par that bookstore down. But the idea has floated in my head for years, and as I think about ways to integrate my spiritual life into my mundane I am definitely thinking a metaphysical/new age book shop is what I want to work toward. I know it isn’t an easy task and I need a plan. Hell, it may not even be totally viable option in the long run and it will be a risk. The 4 in me isn’t fully a risk taker and is scared at that prospect, but I need to take that risk. I need that challenge.

I can’t keep putting my life on hold for things that might be. Because that is almost what I have been doing for the last few years of my life, putting my life on hold because this or this might happen so why bother trying. They might not. Having goals to work toward help keep hope and faith in this world often times. Sure, setbacks on those goals can cause us to doubt and lose a little faith, but I haven’t had anything real to work for in so long…or really ever honestly. That lack of a true goal has left me feeling stagnant and stuck on my path for so long. More so than I probably ever have admitted. But this new goal, this new potential path, gives me some direction again, some hope. It gives me the challenge I have actually been looking for in my life.

So, I will be making plans and taking steps toward something that I have wanted to do for years. I don’t know how much I will actually talk about those things here on this blog, but maybe periodically. I am looking forward to the potential growth this may offer me. For the first time in a while I am looking forward to something in my life. It isn’t just me going through the motions anymore and I feel like I can breathe again and that I do have that hope again that I have been missing.

Schedule and Routine

I have talked before about my bullet journal here and how I incorporate it into my spiritual path. It is actually one of my most popular posts interestingly enough. Anyway, I have modified how I use it now for spiritual stuff. Mostly because I have a habit of being really bad at keeping track of things, but I have started doing a little better recently.

One thing I have started to incorporate is using an ideal schedule/routine to keep me on target with things. If I stay mostly within the parameters of the schedule, I feel like I do a good job of being productive that day. I would show off what mine looks like but I am honestly too lazy at the moment to take the picture or edit it for you. However, there are plenty of ideas for one on Pinterest and Instagram.

I actually recently tossed out my devotional tracker again and just went with a simple “devotional” task space for my monthly habit tracker instead. I have gotten to the point I know what would constitute as such so repeatedly writing down the full tracker every month has just gotten tedious. And bullet journaling and devotional tasks really shouldn’t be that tedious. I think in my next journal I will make things even more simple and less repetitive by having devotional routine set up in my “routine collections” at the start of my BuJo.

Some of that routine involves me writing more. I know, I know, I know. I keep saying I will do this and everything but I am so notorious at not sticking with it. I really need to do it this time. That Storm I mentioned in my previous post almost assuredly requires me to keep writing. One chunk of that writing relates to my “memoir” blog and finishing my story there. Another chunk of writing I want to do is to get back to talking about things involving my personal path. Not everything, mind you, as some of that is too private and sensitive to discuss. But some things. I also just want to write for pleasure again. That has still been quite difficult to do though.

I don’t know how well I will stick with it, but I hope to post at least twice a week initially. Once for my memoir blog and then once over here. I don’t know which days of the week that will be at first, but if all goes well I aim to write more than that.

I also plan on doing a bit more tarot again. I enjoyed posting them before, but I just got out of the habit when things got too busy. I have some goals related to tarot that I am currently trying to aim for, so hopefully posting tarot again may help get me there.

Anyway, those are some goals and intentions I am wanting to put into motion right now. I am hoping with this semester being less busy, it will help keep me on track more. I hope. 😛

Oh! What a Tangled Web We Weave

My method of spellcasting is different to say the least. At least certain types of spells. The main reason I bring this up is because I recently did one of these tonight and it just gets me thinking about my methods.

I think I am still just a little high off the energy and I probably should ground just a bit more, but the candle is still burning down so I still have some time I think.

For the most part I can’t really explain this process. It is fairly unique to the way I work and do magic. I am sure there are others that cast spells in a vaguely similar manner, but not the quite same.

Now and then I like to do spells like a webweaving. Usually these relate to spells that have to do with relationships between people and when situations surrounding those relationships or individuals causes problems. It isn’t so much about me creating relationships by weaving the web. It is more about untangling them when they do not serve the situation anymore. It is severing the ties and the connections that create problems. Cutting out the lies and deceptions to reveal what must be seen and to remove those obstacles.

I have only done these types of spells a few times now in a physical manner. Sometimes I simply cut threads metaphysically and the results there have been quite surprising. But other times, like this time, I have used a frame to create the twisted web between subjects and then cut the threads that needed cut out.

It is intuition based. I don’t plan it out much in advance. I don’t know what thread colors I will always use and how the threads will connect. I just do it. And hell, they don’t really even look that pretty (though that is sometimes the point). They make sense in the end though. And then I burn the removed threads. What remains in the frame is, in the end, something that is free of the twistedness of whatever caused the problem.

The interesting thing I find about tonight’s working is that after I disposed of the burnt remains, I saw a small white house spider crawl across the brick work on the fireplace where I had my frame leaning and my candle burning. I had recently worked with a spider guide of mine called Weaver. We’d talked the last few nights and after this working which is involves web and thread working, a spider showed up. Coincidence? I have done this stuff too long to accept that as a simple coincidence.

The work I did with Weaver was related to shadow work stuff that I have been avoiding. Some of the exercises from my book relates to shaman medicine retrieval work and since I avoid the lessons from Weaver most of the time that was the medicine I needed to retrieve the other night. Perhaps, aside from my spur of the moment need to do this little spell, it was also a means of integrating that medicine as well.

While the Morrigan is not strictly speaking associated with spiders, in some ways I do see her connected to them. She is associated with fate to me. She is a fate weaver and a fate changer. She is a sorceress and is very much about people taking control of their lives.

My roommate made the comment as she watched me doing my thing, listening to some FU style music selections, how the Morrigan would approve. She said “What would the Morrigan do?” actually and how that should be my motto. I think it seems fitting. What this spell has done is move forward things that are likely coming anyway. Some things just need more of a push. And the Morrigan is quite a lot about giving things, and people a little push.

New Year Resolutions, Reflections, and Plans

I have already mentioned part of these things with my study schedule plan but I figured as a way to keep me more on top of things I would mention them all again more specifically.

This next year I want to make a lot more progress in my personal path and spiritual development. I feel like I have been putting a lot of things off namely shadow work but other things too and I need to do something about it.

Last year during my spring break, I had sat down in a little small retreat with Mother to figure out more of what I wanted out of my path and life in general. That conversation was part of what lead to the Morrigan having me work with Cerridwen and then eventually devote myself to the Morrigan. And things began to progress for me. I have certainly made more progress with things than I probably initially realized, but I want to make sure I continue to move forward and part of that is setting goals for myself.

Last year at this time I wasn’t in the best of places to make a lot of progressive goals. Things happening in my metaphysical woo-life pulled me to a place I didn’t want to be and didn’t quite know how to get out of until I did my retreat. But this year, with things winding down with a certain long-term issue in my metaphysical woo-life, I feel I can really make progress again and set personal goals again.

This year (starting on my birthday at least) will be a personal year 6 for me. It is a year of love, family, home, and responsibility. A lot of focus for this personal year number is on domestic affairs, but there is also focus on balance and harmony. It is a service oriented year.

Personally, I feel this service aspect may relate more to what work I may do with the Morrigan. The astral and metaphysical will always be a part of my life and there is a very service oriented aspect to that. Not just service to my gods, but to the entirety of those that live in this world. I don’t know if my work will relate to just the Morrigan or to all of it yet.

I did a couple Year Ahead tarot spreads for myself. One was oriented at just the spiritual side of things and I got so many Court and Major Arcana cards that I know this year will be fairly influential for me. The overall was the Knight of Wands (the only wand I had in both permutations of the spread) which indicated a journey for adventure. This year will certainly be an adventure, each year is. It is something to look forward to more than previous years I think.

But anyway. I intended to write down some of my personal goals. Some of which I started before the new year and will continue on through the next few weeks. Some on my full list are quite mundane so I will leave those out, like getting into better shape and maybe getting a full-time teaching position.

  • Reorganize and cut down extraneous posts on my tumblr blog (started and also created a new devotional blog to move posts I want to keep in some fashion)
  • Practice my craft more and do more devotional things
  • Organize my witchy supplies and stuff (applies to blog too)
  • Get rid of things I don’t wear or use and donate it (still in the process but already gave some to my mom to see if my niece can use any of it – may not seem spiritual but it is letting go and has its spiritual benefits)
  • Continue writing and maybe finish my memoir blog posts
  • Study Gaelic Polytheism more and the Celtic Otherworlds
  • Continuously study new things for my path and practice (study plan stuff)
  • Cleanse energetic self on a regular basis
  • Do Reiki more for self and others (become Reiki III/Master/Teacher certified?)
  • Learn Lenormand, Rune, and Ogham
  • Continue and finish shadow work
  • Continue working on my Book of Shadows/Grimoire and possibly finish it
  • Read and write more, not just for study but for pleasure

Now that I typed that up I realized I forgot to include the shadow work on my personal list in my bullet journal. Good thing I remembered it here. I have been putting it off for…a long time.

I have also started in my bullet journal a daily tarot section. The aim is to get me to pull cards each day and work on learning the card meanings a bit better because I am considering eventually offering more readings and maybe offering for a fee for extra income (and including distant Reiki services too). When I am through this month I will either continue with this deck for a second month or switch to using the Lenormand and then the Runes next. I think that will be an easier way to work on my divination skills rather than some of my initial plans for my study schedule.

I have seen so many cool challenges over on Tumblr too that I would love to try. Right now I have seen a Grimoire Challenge (for the entire year and different months can stand alone too so that is pretty cool) which I could incorporate into my work with my Book of Shadows. There is also one that I really aim to try and that is a January Shadow Work Challenge. There are journal prompts or what have you with a tarot question/pull, but also a tarot spread that can be done in its entirety for it. Considering I need to work on my shadow work, I figured that would be a good one to work on at some point here.

Oh. And then I saw a challenge for 52 short stories in 52 weeks. Considering I need to write more, I may consider that challenge at some point too. O.o I keep adding things. I am apparently super motivated right now to get a lot done this year.

Starting tomorrow though I need to start working on my classes that start the week after. At this point I am fairly good on setting my classes up since I teach the same class almost every semester, but I do have a new one that I need figure out and get help from a full timer (they don’t provide much on the org for new teachers to borrow from). Anyway.

I am hopeful that this year will be more productive for myself and that I can finally start feeling like I have a more general idea of where it all is heading. Right now, I feel I am on the right path, but I just don’t know where that path is leading. But I am hoping by the end of the year I’ll have at least a vague understanding where that is. 😛


Witchy/Pagan Study Schedule Part 2

I got things planned out for myself enough that I think I can be fairly successful with my study schedule. ^_^

I have set it up a weekly/daily schedule where I have my class stuff worked in plus drive times and sleep/prep/meal times. Granted the meal times probably won’t be followed closely but my aim is to hopefully make sure I am eating on a regular (and healthy) basis. I set up goals for 2016 and a short task list of things I need to do to sort of prep. I am definitely feeling the need to do a ritual cleansing, I think. Plus general winter (rather than spring) cleaning tasks.

Sometimes it is just motivating to have a set of tasks and goals established to move forward. I also set up a reading list to go along with my witchy/pagan study schedule. I will set up a casual reading list too (I actually set up a pages per day on The Hobbit last night so that will probably be the first book on my list).

Someone had recently posted about bullet journaling with witchcraft and tarot and the external site gave me an idea of what to incorporate in my own bullet journal to help facilitate this whole process along. I set up a checklist regarding altar and devotional related takes so that I remember to keep up with that in my practice. I am also including a quick daily tarot draw for January in it and I am thinking about doing a little 30 day minimalism challenge too. Just little things that got me inspire I guess. ^_^

I am tentatively planning to start my new course of study on Monday. The Solstice seems like a nice starting point for something like this.

Also, did some more looking up numerology stuff and this site will give you more. But I wanted to share what my personal year number and personal month numbers are and you’ll see why. (Note: I struck through the parts that didn’t really matter for me as much.)

Personal Year 5      A Mid-cycle Time to Make Adjustments and Changes

Personal Month 8      A period requiring a business-like attitude; may have to make tough decisions; an unexpected financial improvement could change a plan

DELIGHTFUL: Look for a wonderful move forward somewhere in your life right now. You are either reaping the rewards of past efforts, or motivated to be more focused, persevering, and self-disciplined. Given the possibility of sudden changes, don’t be surprised by an unexpected increase in income or the resolution of a pending legal matter or real estate issue. Job-wise, you may have a last-minute invitation to travel, or be eagerly awaiting the close of a tiring business trip. Real estate deals, moves, marriage concerns, or large purchases could be preoccupying your mind. Job seekers may have several opportunities that may pay off in the future. Those who have met the love of their life may be getting engaged. Married couple or partners may make a new decision about spending. Reflect on what you could do to make a productive change. With a clear intention, you will attract what you need. Optimism is free—and it greases the path for Law of Attraction. Try not to let cranky people upset your peace of mind. KEY: Self-control, faith in your process, and confidence in your abilities—along with a good supply of humor–help you through this challenging week.

Anyway. I just thought that made some sense. 😛

Witchy/Pagany Study Schedule

I am going to attempt to set up a study schedule for myself again. I have done this off and on in the past when I have had the time and want to give some dedicated time to different aspects of my path and craft, but I would often fall out of the habit. So here will be another attempt at.

Since I teach and have to dedicate time to actually meeting my face-to-face classes, and I have to grade and all that jazz, I am incorporating that into my schedule now. I figure, if I make that part of my routine over break the winter break when I try to start this study plan again, that may help when classes actually do begin. And maybe sticking to a routine and a schedule will help out my path funk.

I tended to feel more productive when I did that in the past. It made me sit down and dedicate time to certain tasks I had been meaning to work on throughout the week rather than binging on one at a time for days and then setting it aside for months.

By all means, I am much better at consistently doing things now than what I used to do. My meditations are some what more consistent/regular and I do spend a bit more time with devotion things granted it is usually just wearing a piece of jewelry and acknowledging the deity who it is designed for. I have been doing more little witchy things too on a more consistent basis and making sure I spend time on more crafty things.

So, I am not in a terribly bad or pathetic place right now, I just need to be more consistent in my practice. At least that is what I feel may be right for me. Maybe that consistency and scheduling my work out more will help give me a better idea of what it all will mean in the end.

I may need to add in a good spiritual cleansing for myself as well. The new year is almost here and that may be a perfect opportunity to shed some old funk and make more progress again.

Oh. And I just had an epiphany moment sitting here writing this. I had to double check my notes from the numerology class I took, but this year is my 14/5 year. According to the teacher who taught the class, we have several life changing years that crop up 2-5 time in our lifetime and they signal major shifts.

Last year was a 13/4 year, which is considered a year of destruction and change. Usually this is positive. A 12/3 year is when you think about the changes you want to make. And then the 14/5 year is where you analyze the changes you’ve made.

And what have I been doing a lot recently? Analyzing and pondering and wondering about a lot of things. I wasn’t even necessarily thinking about the changes I made but all these path changes really began more last year and are taking hold this year for me to analyze and see how they work.

Sometimes I forget about those little things but the synchronicity is quite nice to see.

Anyway, I will probably be planning out what my study schedule will be while I have some “down time” and hopefully I can get everything moving there soon enough. 🙂