Things I’ve Learned Over the Years About My Energy

Over the years I have learned a lot about myself on a metaphysical and spiritual level. I have learned a lot about how the world works in general and how things work for me in particular. I am still learning new things as I go along, but there is a lot I already know. So much of my journey over these years has been about figuring it out as I go along.

I do quite a lot of work that I just don’t talk about because of the personal or sensitive nature of things. That work has helped me learn quite a bit about myself, but there are a lot of things that I wish I had some advice or a guidebook on. No matter how many books or posts I find on astral work, there is never one that covers all of these things I have learned about myself and the way things work for me and the things I know about this world.

This post came about because I made a simple realization about the way my energy works. For the most part I always had that idea in my mind about how things work for me, but often it is at a subconscious level and I don’t think about it. I just do it and understand it. But they are always fun moments when I do think about it and have those sudden epiphanies. So, because of that, I wanted to write a little blurb about things I have learned over the years about how energy works for me.

  • My dreams often give hints to past lives, parallel lives, astral work, and other weird things that I can’t entirely explain. And over the years I’ve learned to pay more attention to them, sift through to determine what sort of dream it is, and use that information for my personal growth.
  • Astral travel, for me, does not often involved “out-of-body experiences.” Usually it happens during my sleep or meditation when I sit down to do it.
  • I don’t black out or lose connection to my body when I channel another or let past lives take over my body when I go do astral work. A part of my consciousness always stays with my body. This makes it harder, sometimes, to recall my metaphysical and astral work but it doesn’t mean it isn’t real or didn’t happen.
  • Writing helps me pull memories from past lives and astral work.
  • I don’t need to remember all details of things on the astral to know I’ve done my astral work.
  • I am better at remembering things than I give myself credit for and usually it has to do with laziness or lack of sitting down to remember that is the reason for my not remembering.
  • The main means for me to feel and manipulate energy is through my hands and threads.
  • I am more proficient at shielding and energy work than I realized ten years ago.
  • I am good at walling people off.
  • I can be very low-key with my energy to where others won’t notice me or be able to find me unless I want them to. This is why I was never attacked or hunted like others were.
  • But on the flip side of that, because of my elemental energy, I am able to charge other people’s abilities and essential give them power ups. When I want I can project a lot of energy. I am constantly producing energy that I can loan out and everything. Although I sometimes do feel drained.
  • Every now and then I need to discharge my energy from my hands, through activity, or grounding to maintain balance since I do create a lot of energy (even if it can be low-key). Sometimes that involves astral fight club.
  • I can use different clair abilities, but they work a little differently and some take more practice to develop.
  • I can do tarot and divination really well and do not need someone “who knows how to put the energy into the cards” to do it.
  • I don’t need to know all the details of how I work to be able to do them.
  • On the same lines, I don’t have to always consciously create/do something for it to happen (like shielding).
  • I have some technopathic abilities because of my electricity element. So I can make technology work better, although there are times when I overload electronics.
  • My mood can affect the way I work my energy.
  • I pick up more psychically than I realized and I can pull that information later if I need to sift through it.
  • I need sleep and food to properly function. I also need sex and to raise and use my energy on a regular basis. Whether it is metaphysical/astral or physical, it needs to occur fairly frequently so that my energy stays balanced.
  • I am also a polyamorous panromantic pansexual because of my pixie nature so multiple astral partners sometimes helps with making sure my energy works properly since I do not have a current physical partner.
  • I sometimes need to be more people to feel not only energized but also connected. This is partially because I am an extrovert, but also simply because of my energy. While I do like alone time and me time, if I spend too much time alone or isolated, I get weird and unbalanced and need to go out and work with people.
  • I am very observant, both psychically and mundanely, and I tend to pick up more things that I am supposed. This makes it easy for me to sense if someone else is being channeled and subtle switches between past lives. Some things I don’t realize I pick up, but I can pull that psychic information later.
  • I still don’t pay enough attention to my intuition as I should, but when I do I feel like I do better on my path. I have an innate truth reading ability that helps when I do pay attention.
  • This truth reading probably contributes a lot to my ability to figure out things that I am not explicitly told and understand people’s weird motivations for things.
  • I have a really good connection to crystals and I am able to identify a lot of them and what purposes they would be good for.
  • I can compartmentalize a great deal which helps me maintain an objective view of things. Sometimes this makes me closed off or appear emotionless. Though, today I can get much more emotional and touched by little things than I used to before I began doing all this spiritual work.

Overall, these are things that I have learned about myself over the last ten years. Some are more recent. Some are older. I am sure there are some things I am forgetting. One thing about this, more than anything else, it helps remind me that I am more gifted than I often give myself credit for. That these little things with how my energy works, reminds me I am a very capable witch and I have come a lot further on my path than I often think I have. So, more than anything, this was for me. To give myself credit where I need it.


Oh! What a Tangled Web We Weave

My method of spellcasting is different to say the least. At least certain types of spells. The main reason I bring this up is because I recently did one of these tonight and it just gets me thinking about my methods.

I think I am still just a little high off the energy and I probably should ground just a bit more, but the candle is still burning down so I still have some time I think.

For the most part I can’t really explain this process. It is fairly unique to the way I work and do magic. I am sure there are others that cast spells in a vaguely similar manner, but not the quite same.

Now and then I like to do spells like a webweaving. Usually these relate to spells that have to do with relationships between people and when situations surrounding those relationships or individuals causes problems. It isn’t so much about me creating relationships by weaving the web. It is more about untangling them when they do not serve the situation anymore. It is severing the ties and the connections that create problems. Cutting out the lies and deceptions to reveal what must be seen and to remove those obstacles.

I have only done these types of spells a few times now in a physical manner. Sometimes I simply cut threads metaphysically and the results there have been quite surprising. But other times, like this time, I have used a frame to create the twisted web between subjects and then cut the threads that needed cut out.

It is intuition based. I don’t plan it out much in advance. I don’t know what thread colors I will always use and how the threads will connect. I just do it. And hell, they don’t really even look that pretty (though that is sometimes the point). They make sense in the end though. And then I burn the removed threads. What remains in the frame is, in the end, something that is free of the twistedness of whatever caused the problem.

The interesting thing I find about tonight’s working is that after I disposed of the burnt remains, I saw a small white house spider crawl across the brick work on the fireplace where I had my frame leaning and my candle burning. I had recently worked with a spider guide of mine called Weaver. We’d talked the last few nights and after this working which is involves web and thread working, a spider showed up. Coincidence? I have done this stuff too long to accept that as a simple coincidence.

The work I did with Weaver was related to shadow work stuff that I have been avoiding. Some of the exercises from my book relates to shaman medicine retrieval work and since I avoid the lessons from Weaver most of the time that was the medicine I needed to retrieve the other night. Perhaps, aside from my spur of the moment need to do this little spell, it was also a means of integrating that medicine as well.

While the Morrigan is not strictly speaking associated with spiders, in some ways I do see her connected to them. She is associated with fate to me. She is a fate weaver and a fate changer. She is a sorceress and is very much about people taking control of their lives.

My roommate made the comment as she watched me doing my thing, listening to some FU style music selections, how the Morrigan would approve. She said “What would the Morrigan do?” actually and how that should be my motto. I think it seems fitting. What this spell has done is move forward things that are likely coming anyway. Some things just need more of a push. And the Morrigan is quite a lot about giving things, and people a little push.

Witchcraft for Teachers: A Grading Motivation Charm Bag

I started a witchcraft for teachers series since I am a teacher and a witch I thought it would be a fun way to combine mine “mundane teaching life” with my witchy life. My first spell or charm I wrote up was to make a charm bag for grading motivation. I finally got around to finishing my charm bag last night so here are pictures and such.

Here is the link for my original post for the how to make one:

I also created a sigil to use for my personal charm bag and made the bag myself (rather than purchasing one). The sigil is repeating the idea of being motivated and productive while grading and I stitched it into two pieces of fabric that get me motivated and productive (yellow and orange).


I then sewed up the edges so that I could create the pouch effect. I used a long straight stitch that I pulled to give the puckering effect.

So I sat on my bag for a couple weeks because I needed to get my crystals and charms (which I ended up not finding/using anyway). Last night I finally got around to picking up my crystals so I figured I’d cleanse those and get my herbs and such mixed and added in.

If I remember correctly, I used cinnamon,  orange peels, citrus green tea, peppermint tea, whole cloves, and rosemary as my dry ingredients. Crystals were carnelian, ruby, clear quartz, and citrine. And then I added a drop or two of rosemary, cedarwood, and cinnamon oil. Mixed that all together and dumped it into the bag and wrapped and sewed it all up.


Finished and filled bag.

As the final touches I did charge it and say a few words to help place the energy into and everything.

Now I am ready to get grading to the final weeks of the semester and beyond! Yay!

Dungeons & Dragons & Devotion


Weird idea I stated to have today and I was working on my D&D campaign for some online friends and I…what about, for at least myself, bringing in an aspect of craft deity devotion to the practice? I mean, I can see it strangely working out.

For me, it has got me working on more creative writing again and planning and plotting and all that jazz. I have been meaning to do some more writing as a bit of a devotional act for Lugh and even the Morrigan and playing D&D almost seems to be just as good of a devotional type of an act as well. It brings in some creativity (granted I am using a lot of published adventures right now rather than creating my own) and as a Dungeon Master there is a bit of a “fate maker” type thing going on which the Morrigan would probably get a kick out of.

This I am sure is sounding a bit like a ramble, but I thought the idea would be interesting to incorporate aspects of playing and DMing a game of D&D into some devotion for the deities.

Lugh would probably like the aspect of it being an adventure and the whole creative act in and of itself with character and encounter creation.

The Morrigan would probably enjoy quite a bit of the idea of controlling the adventure but everyone leveling up and making choices based on the encounters…pushing people to make changes and control the fate of their own characters.

And since I have started working with Manannan, I think he’d like the idea of the whole other world being created for the campaign and story and everything. Be some fun in the whole concept of Otherworlds we talk about.

Not to mention I could totally create some NPCs based on some of our deities ;D. The Morrigan already reminds me of The Raven Queen of the D&D gods. 😛

I don’t do a whole lot of actual devotional type work with any of the deities I work with, so I thought this might be a good way to do something. Let them know I am thinking about them and whatever. Plus, who knows, maybe they want to play too. 😛

Busy Busy

The fall tends to be quite busy for me so my apologies for not updating much this past month or so.

I really would like to get back to posting more. It is a nice break from what I have started calling my “Mundane Teaching Life.” It isn’t going to be quite so mundane now, because I am planning on incorporating my craft into it. I wrote a charm spell for motivation today that I need to work on for myself. You can read it here.

Anyway. Hopefully I can find time here and there to write some posts now and then. I want to finish up my Written Devotion things for the Morrigan and then start another series for Lugh. On top of that I am working on a series of posts that involve bringing magic and such into my mundane teaching life.

Ren Faire is coming up ^_^ and Halloween! and even sooner the Blood Moon Eclipse. Super excited for those!

Devotional Prayer Beads for the Morrigan

Since I mentioned my prayer beads in the previous post, I figured it would make sense to show them off.

    I used garnet, hematite, amethyst, red tigers eye, and onyx for the sets of nine. I used bloodstone for the spacers. And for the five beads between the raven skull bead and the triskele spacer bead, I used one lava stone and a bloodstone as the large beads. Then one garnet, one opal, and one onyx. Their all beads that relate or remind me of something about the Morrigan. Red crystals especially. 🙂

And, as a bonus, my witchy craft box I finished painting. I want to use it as sort of a witchcraft-to-go box with some essentials for basic magic. I have some ogham on the sides for the Morrigan’s name and for Lugh’s name. So I have been crafty lately. Need to continue being crafty. 🙂

Knot-Work Devotion Bracelet

I finally finished my “friendship” bracelet I started a few weeks ago. Here are a few pictures for you.


I’m going to leave it on my altar tonight and relight some of my candles for Lugh and the Morrigan to charge it fully and everything. May say some words, may not.

I had extra thread left over so I used that to make two more braided strands. One I tied on my kitty as an extra collar. The other I thought about using a s sort of witches ladder but I don’t entirely know what to knot into it right now so I decided to use it to replace the chain on my onyx point pendant since the chain is a little wonky.

I enjoy this kind of work with my hands, like knot-work, needlepoint, and knitting. It can be very therapeutic and all. I often start humming while I and doing it, little inconsequential tunes. I don’t know what the the songs are I hum or if they help with the process or add more magic to things, I just do it.

It is all actually quite fitting that I enjoy it. One of my psychic abilities relates to thread-work. I can sense energy through my fingertips. I sense the energy as if they were threads or strings that are there that I can pluck and the vibrations can give me information psychically. So, yeah. It is comforting to work with threads. 🙂