May Monthly and Weekly Tarot

Last Month’s Reflection:

Last month’s pulls can be found here. Last month was rather interesting and had been more of a month of moving forward on changes. The Overall for last month was the 9 of Swords with anxiety and self-torment as its message and while I think it started out that way, it prompted me to move forward in some decisions of change in my life. This whole year has been about a movement of change, I think. There were points where the Nine of Swords was very prevalent this past month, but that got me to move again. I have made a decision to move out on my own (if things go well with this apartment application) and to seek some part-time employment. By the end of the month, things were starting to move at an unexpected pace.

May’s Monthly Tarot:

For May I am pulling with the Linestrider deck again but I also wanted to make note of the cards I pulled in my Yearly Spread at the beginning of the year. I pull from two decks for my yearly with Shadowscapes being for my spiritual life and the Revelations Tarot being for my more mundane life. Respectively, I pulled the Queen of Pentacles and the Ten of Wands for the Month of May.

Shadowscapes‘ Queen of Pentacles is about nurturing and generosity of spirit. She is a supportive and protective Queen. She is full of strength and is trustworthy and loyal. The Ten of Wands from the Revelations tarot is about strength as well. The card shows off his ability to balance the weight of all the wands near perfectly. While things may be difficult to bear, it can be done and no responsibility he takes on overpowers him completely. These two pulls indicate being able to bear, with strength, the burdens and responsibilities in my life that are coming up (both mundane and spiritual).

Week One (May 1-7): Ace of Pentacles

This first week is all about new ventures and ideas. It is month of growth and success. I have started my new part-time job at Starbucks again, but I also got called in for an interview at the New Age shop I applied to back in January and was pretty much told I would have it even after another interview on Thursday with the owner.

Week Two (May 8-14): Seven of Wands

This week may be a week centered on some competition and jealousies. There may be some conflict or challenge that gets in my way and I may need to take a stand. Considering how some things have gone, let us hope it is resolved.

Week Three (May 15-21): Knight of Pentacles

I can expect my progress to be a bit slower and more methodical this week. I will need to focus on being more patient with things. Considering how fast this first week has been so far and the conflict from week two, this slower week may be a good thing and help me finish some tasks for my teaching job.

Week Four (May 22 – 28): Ace of Cups

The last full week of May looks to hold some more new opportunities and beginnings again. This may be the week I get to move into my new place if I get approved. It might also hold a new spiritual awakening as many things in this month’s pull has been more mundane, this may shift at the end of the Month.

Overall: Six of Cups (reversed)

This was the only reversed card in the deck and the reading. Childish behavior and clinging to the past may be impeding my progress this month. This could be my own behavior or others in my life. Based on the week-by-week pulls it may come to a head during the second week of the month.

Weekly Tarot for May 1-7

I am doing this one a little more like stichomancy way because I left my deck but had my tarot book for Linestrider. So it will be a bit different this time.

What should I focus on this week? – Knight of Wands

This Knight is focused on movement and action. This is a week where I need to focus on taking action and moving. He is enthusiastic and can be hasty at times so I must be sure to not act hastily at times.

What lesson is in this for me? – The Sun

Movement and action will help lead to success, prosperity, and happiness for me. This week the fact pace action the beginning of this week has so far proven to be will likely continue but it will bring positive vibes and energy into my life.

What advice is there for overcoming any obstacles? – Knight of Swords

This is a Knight focused on the intellectual side of things. He may be bold like the Knight of Wands, but he is more thought based than impulse based. He can be severe and harsh because of that. His advice is two-fold for this week, that I need to look at things objectively, but to also to not disregard the feelings of others. He is here to remind to slow down the progress just a bit so that lack of tact doesn’t impede the progress that needs to be made.

Surprisingly, I think that worked well and was a nice call out for myself. There are times when being blunt is necessary and other times when tact is required. The rest of this week needs more tact to keep the impulsiveness of the Knights in check so that the success and happiness the Sun promises can be shared.


Weekly Tarot: April 24 – 30

Last Week’s Reflection

While I didn’t post last week’s tarot pull, I figured I would go ahead and discuss my reflection on it at least. My pulls seemed to indicate that I should focus on a some new investments and beginnings. This would help lead me to where I could start enjoying some simple pleasures again and play more. The card I pulled for advice in overcoming any obstacles related to expressing emotions and replenishing myself. I ended up doing quite a lot last week relating to this. I put in an application for an apartment to live on my own and I visited my alma mater for a Little 500 celebration. I will talk more about that later, but it was definitely a week of making some new investments and even expressing some emotions because of what is happening with my college.

This Week’s Pull

I am still using the Legacy Tarot. So what is in store for me this week?

Focus? – XIX The Sun

It is time to focus on the bright side of things. It is a time of joy and glory.

Lesson? – V Faith

Being able to focus on happy things or at least keeping a positive outlook can help when devoting oneself to spiritual development.

Advice? – Ace of Swords

Using one’s intellect and mind can help with this positive outlook. Setting mental reminders and affirmations to keep this positive outlook.

This week when I pulled my Monthly cards I pulled the Seven of Cups which was about illusions and unreal expectations and making sure I break illusions. Maybe some of the positive outlooks are unreal expectations I need to break. But also it may be that the positive outlooks will help me break the illusions I have. What those are, not wholly sure, but Something to keep in mind this week.

Weekly Tarot – April 10 – 16

Last Week’s Reflection

Last week seems to be a blur already. I wrote last time that I thought my tarot was about re/connecting to someone for wisdom and counsel and that would help increase my own intuition and such. I can’t say I actually followed through on connecting with anyone spiritually this past week or did much increasing intuition, but mundanely speaking I think there was some truth to the cards I pulled. I have been slowly trying to plan a business venture and there are things I know I need to get done before that can happen and some of the the advice seeking has centered on that and things I need to do sooner to help that happen. My monthly overall card I pulled last week seems to be rearing its head a lot more than I expected too this week. 😛

This Week’s Weekly Pull

I am pulling from my Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti right now. I recently started using it again for some daily draws for a blog I help run and it has been handing out some interesting and tough love advice lately and I feel like it was appropriate to use.

What is in store for me this week?

What should I focus on? – Five of Coins

Things are appearing a little desperate and dark. I may be in a place that makes it hard to see the light behind me, but it is there and there is hope for a turn around.

What lesson is in this? – Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands is a card that shows a forward and upward momentum after a series of struggles. Once those struggles are overcome, there is freedom to move forward with plans and progress again.

Advice on overcoming obstacles? – VII The Chariot

In overcoming any obstacle, struggle, or desperate situation one needs to have the willpower and perseverance  to push through it all. It is time to plan things out and commit to those plans with all my drive.

This week, from my Monthly spread, is also linked to the King of Pentacles again. There is still a need to gain some wisdom regarding financial and material success right now which is partially what my desperation is about. With help from this King, I can form this plan of mine more solidly and be able to move forward with one phase of it before the year is out.

As a little extra for this week, I went ahead and pulled a SoulCard from Deborah Koff-Chapin’s first set.


Image from (c) Deborah Koff-Chapin

I absolutely love this cards because there are no assigned meanings to them and you can interpret them differently in different situations and just seem so much more intuitive when reading with them.

Anyway, this pull automatically makes me think about being pregnant with ideas or a project and letting it germinate and grow. At the right time it will be delivered out into the world. Ideas are exploding from her head in beams of light. The orb is growing in her hand but it is not quite fully formed. She looks at it with love and care and feeds it the positive energy it needs to become fully alive and realized. This plan I have needs nurturing and guided growth with positive energy. It will happen. It will be good for me. It is the light that I am not seeing in the Five of Coins card above. It is that hope of escaping this desperation and with a plan of continuous work and dedication and nurturing energy, it will manifest.

While things seem a little desperate initially with this weeks pull, there is a lesson in pushing through it all and finding that light at the end of the tunnel by actually working toward a plan and a goal I need to remember. Staying positive about the outcome and all the step in between is something that the last few months to a year I have struggled with and I have to remember it now. I cannot stay frustrated about the little things stopping me, not if I want to actually move forward.

April Monthly and Weekly Tarot

Figure this is a good time to start posting my monthly and weekly tarot readings for myself again. I had started doing daily pulls too but then I got out of the habit when I went on vacation, but I am going to start up again with those as well for April, but I won’t post those here or on my tumblr account.

As I have done in the past, for my Monthly reading I pull a card for each week of the month and then one for Overall what to expect from the month. Sometimes these parallel pretty well with my Yearly Tarot I pull at the beginning of the year, other times not so much. My Weekly Tarot reading is a little different as I pull three cards with what to focus on, what lesson is there in that focus, and how to overcome obstacles. So it goes a little more into detail for the week ahead and sometimes it relates pretty closely to the Monthly pulls for each week.

Anyway, my Monthly Tarot for April is as follows (done with the Linestrider Tarot):

Week One (April 3-9): Page of Cups

A time of increasing intuition and creativity is coming. This first week of April is about attuning to emotions and intuition.

Week Two (April 10-16): King of Pentacles

The second week of April focuses on wisdom and success in material and financial situations.

Week Three (April 17-23): Seven of Swords

This week there may be a need to pay attention to hidden motivations of others and also a need to be diplomatic and tactful.

Week Four (April 24-30): Seven of Cups

This last week of April is about possibilities and choices, some of which may be pure fantasy full of unreal expectations. It is a time to be mindful of what is achievable and what is just wishful thinking.

Overall: Nine of Swords

This month may be full of some anxieties and worry. There is a sense of isolation and a dark night of the soul with this month.

When I pulled for my Yearly spread I got the Knight of Cups with my Shadowscapes Tarot for what to expect from the month of April. The Nine of Swords seems a bit of the opposite to this and the other cards this month, but it may indicate I may end up over-worrying about certain things that I don’t need to worry about, like my upcoming wedding to my spirit fiancees.

For my Weekly Tarot for the first week of April I pulled the following (again with Linestrider):

What should I focus on? – King of Pentacles

It may be time to seek counsel from someone wiser. This may be a spirit ally or a person in my physical life, but it is time to focus on wisdom.

What lesson is in this? – The High Priestess

Seeking advice and counsel from another can help increase my own intuition and spirituality and also bring some things back into balance again.

Advice for overcoming obstacles? – Six of Swords

I need to make sure I focus on the future and moving away from things that are difficult rather than focusing on past hurts or failures.

Initially, the King of Pentacles threw me off when I pulled for this week because it showed up in my Monthly to be for the second week of April. However, it still makes sense overall for this week too. I feel there is a need to connect to someone this week to work on some intuition and psychic abilities type thing, just not sure exactly who that would be as of yet.

In my personal journal I try to write an End of the Week/Month/Day Reflections for each card I pull now to see how the cards actually played out or related to things that occurred. When I post up the next week I will try to give a little reflection back on this reading and when I post the next Monthly reading I will try to do the same about the reflection for the Month as well.

Monthly Tarot 6/1

Sorry it has been a bit since I posted anything of consequence on here. The spring semester at college where I teach was a bit busy for me and I got into the habit of putting off too much of my spiritual work. With the summer a bit more mild in regards to business, I figured it was time to post something again. This being my monthly tarot and a little blurb about what I have been up to.

I have been writing them down in my bullet journal the last couple months even though I haven’t shared them with anyone. This last month has honestly gotten to where I have really started moving again with my practice. Shadow work is going along. I am taking some time to study aspects of Gaelic polytheism. I am not sure if it is an apt description of my practice as of yet, but it is something I am studying as part of devotional activities for the Morrigan. And of course there are numerous astral and metaphysical dealings that have been happening.

Onto my monthly tarot with my Shadowscapes deck.

Week 1: Four of Cups – self absorption, introspection, sinking too deep into one’s concerns, lost in reveries, awareness of the outside fades away

Week 2: Three of Swords – grief and heartbreak, loneliness, separation, isolation, abandoned and betrayed, weeping and pain that is necessary to cleanse and purify

Week 3: II The High Priestess – wisdom, knowledge, learning, intuition, purity, virtue, spirituality

Week 4: Eight of Wands – beginning of a long journey to a goal, great undertaking at hand

Overall: XVI The Tower – catastrophe, sudden change, releasing all emotions, blow to ego, revelation and seeing through illusions, a necessary disrupt to the status quo

The interesting thing here is that last month the Tower, the High Priestess, and the 8 of Wands all showed as well. In different orders, but they were there. As last month, and hopefully this one will be, was when I started setting to work on my path again the High Priestess is an appropriate card to show up again. Even the 8 of Wands with is designation that a new journey on this path. And that shift in focus to my spiritual stuff seems to me like The Tower’s presence.

As far as the the other cards go this month, I had a reading from a dear friend where she discussed the importance of taking time alone to focus on these things but not completely hermitting myself or become so absorbed in it. So I think the 4 of Cups was reiterating that point. And then with the 3 of Swords, all I can think is more shadow work I need to do. 😛

So, we will see how this next month progresses. 🙂

My Bullet Journal

I know this doesn’t entirely relate to my path and all that, but I love my bullet journal and I figure I would share. I do use it for some aspects of my path, namely I started using it back in January to track devotional tasks and daily tarot pulls. I recently got my new Leuchtturm 1917 in the mail and I have been diligently setting it up and preparing to switch over to it for the start of March, so that was one of things I wanted to show off some of my layouts.

The last image is from my layout most related to things for this blog. I have a checklist for devotional tasks. There is altar/shrine care things and also general devotional things as well as path work. I’ll add my list of spirits and devotional tasks for them later I am sure. The other is my daily tarot log. I think in March I will switch to a new deck. Past two months I have used my Revelations Tarot and now I think it is time to for a switch.

As a another little bullet journal sample, the above three pictures are from my writing bujo. I was having fun with lettering when I did some of these. This is just a small sample. Several of the pages will have outlines and notes regarding the posts and creative writing pieces I am working on. But I am hoping that using these will help me stay organized and keep writing more consistently. 😀

But yeah. I have been so excited by my new Leuchtturm that I wanted to share some of these pages from my bullet journals. It helps motivate me a little more to do things right now.

Needing to Do Work on My Path

I have been on a bit of an unintentional hiatus from doing actual work in my spiritual practice it seems. I have been wanting to work on it, but I have either been busy with work stuff (my mundane teaching life getting in the way) or I have been lazy (binge watching shows).

Since catching up on some things I have been able to take a few more moments to look at things and start figuring out what I need to be working on. One problem with having been busy, I got out of the habit of meditating and listening to the Morrigan and Lugh. Ordering the ritual cord from Beth helped me focus in on Lugh and sense him more again, but I still feel a little out of touch, particularly with the Morrigan. So while I have sat down to figure out what I am doing again, I am still having some issues focusing.

Fall semesters seem to be down-times for me actually doing work for myself because the semester gets so busy with work, but it become incredibly frustrating when I can’t sit down to do the work I want to do. But just doing it is sometimes the best option. So I have been trying to do a few things here and there. I did my spread the other day as you saw and then I did another reading for myself last night and tried to listen to the Morrigan.

If I don’t sit and focus in meditation my clairaudience/godphone is a little dull it seems. I got out of the practice of listening so I had to use cards. I had been seeing some things on my dash recently in reference to a particular deity and it drew my attention in such a way I thought about asking the Morrigan if she was wanting me to work with him. So I threw out one of those, “show me this sign so I know that you want me to work with this being.” And the next day, while with my roommate and friend, I heard several mentions by them about my given sign (not to mention signage places but I told the Morrigan those ones don’t count because I want it to be more obvious).

Now last night, I had to attempt this both as tarot and pendulum (which I don’t use as often) because apparently the Morrigan is well aware I am still busy with my mundane teaching life this week (I have a small conference I have been helping set up a program for and will be doing a presentation at again on Thursday and Friday) so she threw out the Ten of Pentacles and the Chariot and seemed to me to be indicative of the fact that I still need to focus on that for the most part. So the tarot didn’t really answer my question.

But I asked the pendulum if she wanted me to work with this deity and it said yes (I asked several times to be sure). But when I asked when she wasn’t as clear until I asked if she wanted me to at least attempt to meet him this week before starting to work with him. At least I got that indication. So yeah, I guess she wants me to meet and eventually work with this deity in some capacity. I have some guesses as to what those may be looking at his lore, but it will still be interesting to see.