Two Year Anniversary

It is interesting how quickly anniversaries sneak up in us. Two years ago I dedicated myself as a devotee to The Morríghan. The time has gone by very quickly.

Some things that I have accomplished since devoting myself:

  • Accomplishing some major steps and milestones in my shadow work
  • More development on my divination practice and psychic development
  • Taking control over making some changes in my life I have needed to make
  • Astral work
  • While not wholly related to The Morríghan’s influence but more so shadow work things so in essence Her – my relationships and marriage to The Scribe and The Traveler

I am sure there is probably a bit more I could write but these things came to the forefront of my mind.

I still feel like there is something soon to come on the horizon with my work with Her but it is a matter of figuring it out. It also is a matter of timing I think as well. She has reminded/warned me a couple times about it coming into my life too soon. If too soon it will just compound the stresses from trying to move and everything. So I have to wait.

The Morríghan has been an interesting influence on my life. I have found us to be oddly similar in many ways. I am Her daughter and sister, Her warrior-poet, and much more. I cannot see myself devoted to any other deity more appropriate for me than Her honestly. We may butt heads on occasion, but that is family. I look forward to another year of devotion and development with The Morríghan, My Queen.


A Lot of Changes

This past month started a lot of crazy changes for me. I made the decision to start looking for an apartment to live to eventually try starting a little bookshop. I have since applied to one that is low income housing that I can get a lower rate at, but the process has become quite tedious considering my employment teaching is essentially contract based and has been a pain to verify for the housing people. But they have been trying very hard to get me approved. It has just been a long waiting game right now. I hope to hear soon either way.

Because of the apartment, and knowing that my income has been a bit less than last year, I decided I really needed a part time job. While I applied for a job at a New Age shop back in January, I never heard back. It made me disappointed, but I decided it would be a good idea to try elsewhere. I couldn’t wait forever on that. So I reapplied back at Starbucks at a couple locations near where I would potentially be moving. Even if I didn’t get the apartment I decided I’d move back home with my parents to help save up some money and help my parents around their house again. I heard back fairly quickly from a Starbucks and went in for the interview and accepted the job. They have good insurance and benefits and I had worked there before. I thought it would be a good fit again to go back.

Then, on my second day working, I get a call from the New Age shop asking me to come in for an interview. I was so excited and readily accepted their offer of a second interview. I thought, two 20 hour part time jobs could work with teaching and everything. I could do it. Of course, I sort of forget I have hit 30 now and that ambition of working that much was a little of a stretch. I am still not even finished with this semester of classes and these last two weeks have been so exhausting with scheduling issues and everything that I made the decision to drop one of the jobs.

For me, working at this New Age shop is the epitome of my desires in general and the work I wish to do in life. I have put so much work these last 12 years with all the crazy from college and then the more directed spiritual work afterwards, that I want something where I can show that work off somehow instead of constantly hiding behind a facade of mundane things the majority of my life. These things I am so passionate about, and now I work at a place where I can be upfront about that passion instead of quiet and reserved because the people who I am around might not get it.

There will be strange ones that come in. As the one owner said, shops like these attract a lot of healers and those that need healing in some way. But there will also be a ton of kindred spirits that come in that I can share my expertise with and help find what it is they need to heal. This store has been such a source of healing and spiritual guidance for me since college that I want to share that with others.

I felt bad initially about how I am leaving Starbucks, but at the same time, that life there has long since passed. I may not get the benefits anymore, but my continued growth is not there. It is with this other shop. This shop that I fell in love with back during 2007 when I first went to a meditation class with my Anam Cara who had heard about it from their co-worker. It has helped me so much in my path. Starbucks had only been a mundane means to an end back when I was 24.

I feel liberated and free again right now. Working this past week at this shop has uplifted me more than I expected. After a little anxiety about trying to maintain both until I was no longer on the schedule at Starbucks, I made a decision that has truly made me feel like I am on the right track again. The potential move into my own apartment is exciting and I can’t wait to find out about getting in. If things don’t work out with it, I have other options. Things are moving forward again on my path and these mundane things are helping that.

I felt trapped and stuck for quite awhile with various things and these changes are good. Too much of the same has been a detriment to my growth and development and I want to grow again. It has taken a bit to realize where these things are that needed changed, but I feel the movement again I have needed to feel again. And that movement gives me hope.

So here are to some continuing changes. I have some other posts I need to write up soon, and hopefully I will get to them by the end of the month. Till next time. ❤️

Dances with the Scribe and the Traveler

I wrote this over initially on my tumblr a few days ago. Or rather today when I am typing this up but I am actually queueing/scheduling this post for later in the week so you aren’t seeing it here for a couple days. It has been one of the big developments in my personal spirit work stuff and I figured it was time to share some of it. This will mostly be just a repost of what I wrote there, but some (comments) have been added for here.

While I don’t talk a whole lot about it (at least one my tumblr account publicly), I have a few spirit lovers. The Scribe (Gerarian – I have been referring to him as the Scribe over there for various reasons) and the Traveler are two of them. There is another as well (Mel has stepped back quite a bit since the Traveler came into my life but she is still present as a more distant spirit lover), but these two are the forefront and the developments with them are the topic of discussion today.

The Scribe is my twin flame soulmate and we have spent many lifetimes together and we have been together in this life since 2009 and have a few spirit children together. The Traveler is a spirit I met in a past life and he showed back up again in this life to reconnect and get that second chance at the relationship we were never able to fully have during that lifetime. I was actually hesitant to even explore our relationship until the Scribe kept pushing and encouraging me to do so. It eventually blossomed into an actual relationship and everything.

Both the Scribe and the Traveler proposed to me back at the beginning of December much to my surprise. As long as the Scribe has been around he has never proposed or brought up marriage in this life that I can remember and with the Traveler it is still a developing relationship that it surprised me he wanted to as well at the same time. I think it took me over a month to fully accept that it was an actual proposal from them too.

I am rather excited now, if not still a bit surprised they both want to get married. That development has made the last few months interesting and has distracted me away from working and bonding with my other spirit companions. I think they all understand and several of them have been buzzing with excitement too about it.

This is one reason for my tag in the recent months: #Dances with the Scribe and the Traveler. Just little things that help describe what has been developing. I don’t plan on writing play by plays of our wedding plans or anything, but I felt it was important to mention that this is happening.

So there is that. Gerarian and the Traveler have both proposed to me and I am going to be getting married to them sometime in the near future. I am excited about it even if I don’t show it much and even though it took me quite a while to accept it. 😛

Monthly Tarot – March

I am going to start posting a monthly reading again. I may start adding weekly readings as well, but for now just the monthly one. I have been doing really well working on daily pulls for myself. I started with the Linestrider deck but then switched to my Deviant Moon deck last week for a change. I don’t use the deck often so I forget how interesting the readings can actually be.

So for this month, I pulled for five weeks instead of just four since this week and the last week of March both have five days in them. I also pull an additional card for overall what to expect out of the month.

Week 1: XX Judgment – The trumpet calls. It is time to respond to the inner calling. Use your gifts and do not squander them.

Week 2: Nine of Cups – It is time to become your own genie and make your wishes and dreams come true. Tap into your inner potential.

Week 3: Six of Swords – You are traveling and rising about your sorrows. Hardships are behind you and you are pushing aside negative thoughts to head someplace more positive. (This is the week that I am taking a trip out to the Redwoods and so I immediately saw this as representing some of that travel aspect and getting away from mundane things)

Week 4: Seven of Cups – Creative endeavors and potentials surround you. Have your vision set and let your creativity run free. Express yourself artistically.

Week 5: Ace of Wands – Something new is germinating. There is a spark of new potential. New projects await and surges of inspiration will take hold.

Overall: I The Magician – It is a time of creation and integrating of elements. Practice your skills to increase your proficiency. Be bold. Allow magic and healing to dominate right now.

So far this month looks like it is going to hold a great deal of potential for me. In my yearly spread I did at the end of December I pulled the Nine of Cups (from Shadowscapes tarot) for March which is all about good health, achieving hearts desire, and good fortune. I mean, this month seems to hold some great potential in that realm of things.

The Coming Storm

The last year or so I have been really inconsistent with blogging here and on my other blogs. When I started hard core working on my shadow work and also made changes with my Tumblr blogs, things over here started to fall by the wayside a bit. I really do enjoy writing over here about some of the things that happen on my path. Shadow work was just busting my ass in a way I should have better anticipated, but it was well worth it.

There is something churning and moving inside me and on this path of mine. Taking this moment to sit and write is causing me to actually reflect on that. The Storm is coming on. The metallic taste in the air around me as the ions of this Storm moves closer. The clouds are rolling in with heavy rain and lightning ready to strike.

I think I have been avoiding noticing this for a while, but I feel it building around me now. I have a deep affinity for storms and lightning, so that doesn’t scare me. As the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, the excitement actually begins to rise within me. But still, I  have been avoiding this deluge for some reason.

I feel the changes in my mundane life in a strange way. I love teaching, but lately it has become tedious, and I think that is because I try to keep it so separate from my magical and spiritual life. My mundane life almost bores me so much that it becomes a chore to really do anything. I need more of a challenge in my life and teaching is no longer a challenge. The dissatisfaction is growing and feeding into this Storm.

I had pulled a card a couple weeks ago about what the Morrighan was wanting me to do next. While I actually forgot to write it down, I remember it was Temperance and it made me think about that balancing both sides of my life. I used to believe it meant just being able to spend time on both. But now, I see it more related to bringing more of my spiritual/metaphysical life into my mundane. Part of that currently involves applying to a local New Age shop that I hope to be able to work at soon. There is more to it than just that though and it makes me realize what my new goal needs to be.

When I first started writing this post yesterday, I had kept thinking about this building Storm and my affinity with them. I kept thinking about the Tarot too and significator cards for some reason. I immediately started thinking about how The Tower is one of the most appropriate cards for this feeling I have and who I am. What made this more interesting is that when I took my break from writing I was hanging out with my roommates and another friend discussing things. We started talking about creating tarot decks and one that would represent us and our journey and it was asked by each of us what our Major Arcana card was. I immediately said The Tower. I had already been thinking about it the same day. It made sense to me and my roommates seemed to think so too.

I don’t fully know where to go with that knowledge, how it relates at this point to the Storm I am feeling right now for myself. Though, honestly, there are multiple Storms right now, not just my own personal Storm. They will all collide and coalesce and combine into something more. But Storms always bring change. They can be scary, dark and terrifying. They are rarely quiet. Little is left the same after it passes. But there is such beauty in it. The Storm is so much like The Tower card, which is why that card always depicts lightning and a storm, which is why it is very much is me.

There are storms in my heart and lightning in my veins…

P.S. I am making plans to write more again on all of my blogs. I need to refocus myself again and writing helps me on my path. With this Storm coming I will need to write more to keep sanity as I weather through it all.

Nostalgia Bites

Perhaps a little shadow work is definitely needed soon with this…

(from my other blog btw)

Truth Spark

A hard bite of nostalgia hit me this afternoon and left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. There are things I certainly miss about those days in that old Coven. There are things I miss terribly about college in general. But there are things that still leave me feeling bitter about the bad things and even the good.

This campus where I teach isn’t even remotely similar to the campus and halls of the building of my college. There is the age, for sure. But there is little else in common. Except the weather. Sometimes I love early spring. The shift in weather and temperature to chilly warmth. The longer days and sunnier weather. The starts of new buds on the trees.

But for some reason, this time of the year always makes me nostalgic too, and not always for the good times. There is a sense of a…

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New Year, New Aura

On Sunday my roommate and I got the opportunity to go hang out together and take a trip to our favorite New Age shop where we decided to get our annual aura photos taken. We always do it around our birthday since that tends to be the most opportune time and when we decided to start getting our aura photos the first time.

I actually took the time, this time, to focus on Gerarian and our astral children while I sat in the chair. Out came the picture with a ton of pink again. There is plenty of orange coming in by my hands as well but in the pink around and above me there are lots of white orbs. There is actually about six separate ones that I can see for sure, but there may be more. But as soon as I saw it I knew it was Gerarian and the kiddos. The other one or two orbs…idk. But here is a low quality picture from my phone so you can see it.

So much pink in the actual photo seems to get washed out to look more orange and blurry. Also a ton of white. And then there is the blue there as well. A little violet in the one corner too and some yellow popping through on my left side.

 One of the employee’s there read our photos briefly but she knows us well enough to know we are able to read our own photos.

It was honestly awesome to see this one this year. For a couple weeks prior I had been having a bit of an issue connecting to Gerarian enough to talk to him. My dream put me off so badly I kept stopping myself from being able to hear him. I couldn’t get passed it for longer than I liked. A couple times I decided to write little letters to him. I have done that in the past but not on any consistent basis. It was nice though. Even though I felt like such a mess (shadow work I am sure), it was nice to express my way in a letter to him. I did try speaking to him too, but I couldn’t, or rather wouldn’t let myself, hear him. So I asked for confirmation and I did got a few hints, but this aura photo with them all around was a definite confirmation for me.

I meant to write this up sooner, but I just kept putting it off. Here it is now. Again, sorry the picture doesn’t really capture what the actual aura photo shows, but I haven’t tried taking another image with my DSLR camera yet.