Terms, Concepts, & Definitions

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I had been talking recently to my roommate about someone’s definitions for certain things and decided that it would be a good idea to include one here and whatever. These are the words I use to mean certain things how I see it. Some people use different terms to describe the same or similar concepts. Others use the same term but mean something different. I just wanted to add clarification for anyone who reads this blog about what I really mean when I say it. If I use words interchangeably I will make note.

Metaphysical Terms & Concepts:

Metaphysical – This is really anything beyond the physical realm. It encompasses the whole field and subject mater and the terms that apply beneath it, hence why I labeled this section Metaphysical. More specifically, if I refer to something on the metaphysical I am referring the to the plan of existence that lies along side the physical one. This is basically where various fairy creatures and our energies and everything else mingles. Earthbound dead spirits can linger here but it is mostly inhabited by living beings that just do not possess physical bodies, often because they choose to and because they prefer their non-human form as many of them are not humans. Many refer to this as the etheric plane and some confuse/compound/call it the astral. I will often refer to the metaphysical as the astral as well because astral is the more common term. Things that happen on the metaphysical plane can have an effect on the physical plane and vice versa.

Astral – For me, this is more or less the metaphysical. I will use the term interchangeably with metaphysical; however, I personally see the astral as slightly different. It is not necessarily a higher plane, but it is more like a sometimes shared dream space. The environment is more easily manipulated by the person traveling there than the metaphysical plane would. While the metaphysical plane is interconnected with the physical, the astral is more offset and less affected by what happens in the physical plane and vice versa. What occurs on the astral may have more of an effect on one’s emotional and psychological well being than actually affecting their physical well being, but there are times when work on the actually astral plane does affect the physical body (being tired, sluggish, worn out, occasional bruising, etc.). The astral is really part of a whole bunch of other planes of existence too, so it makes things even more complicated.

Planes of Existence – Since I mentioned planes of existence in the two entries above, it is best to explain what a plane of existence is to me. Essentially, they are levels of the universe in which we live and die. They are typically categorized by their vibrational level from dense to refined energy which works well enough. The physical plane is one of these at a more “dense” vibration than most making things quite material. The metaphysical is slightly off from that, but still interpenetrates the physical. The astral is typically seen as a higher level of vibration thus more refined. Other sources will give a brief concept of seven to nine (give or take) planes; however, there are many many more than that. For one, new ones get create all the time for various reasons. Most exist in what is often called the Middle World in shamanic teachings, but what I call the Kingdom of Mankind. But there are also alternate planes of existence within the Lower and Upper Worlds (Kingdoms of the Dead and God respectfully). These planes are all separate by veils making it difficult to see and travel between them in the physical form. Some are gifted with being able to see past the veil and they will report ghosts or auras because they are tapping into the metaphysical and astral planes. With practice, some can even astral travel through those veils and into these alternate planes of existence. These can also be called dimensions as well.

The Three Kingdoms – All planes of existence fall into one of the three Kingdoms. They are called the Kingdom of Mankind for the physical plane and those planes where living beings exist like the metaphysical, the Kingdom of the Dead for those that have died, and the Kingdom of God for all divine beings. Many systems of belief talk about the three worlds or realms which include the Middle World, the Under/Lower World, and the Upper World. These are all additional names the Kingdoms can honestly be called. Most associate the Middle World with only the physical plane; however, the Kingdom of Mankind really includes a variety of non-physical planes as well. They are all separated by the veils to prevent ease of access between them.

The Veils – The veils are what separate the Kingdoms and planes from one another. It usually prevents unaware persons from sensing what is unseen. It also impedes the travel between here and any of the other planes. They thin at various times of the year and are continuing to thin as the Enlightenment progresses.

The Void – The Void is a sort of no man’s land between the planes, kingdoms, and universes. It exists in its own right, but getting there is very difficult and it is often dangerous to be there if you are unwelcome. Energy of the Void (which is void elemental energy) is actual stagnant. It doesn’t move the same way energy here moves, but it exists. There are creatures that live there, and act as scavengers within the Void. All veils and gateways between planes and Kingdoms are made up, to some extent, Void energy. It is the more in between place you can ever find.

Parallel and Alternate Universes – I use parallel and alternate here fairly interchangeably but I also try to use some distinction. For me, the idea that there can be an infinite number of parallel universes and realities really intrigues me and this is my theory of them. Parallel Universes are those universes that exist parallel to our own and have entirely different origins of how that world was created from ours. We may or may not have doubles in that universe. Alternate Universes are those universes that exist parallel to our own but share a similar or identical origins of how they were created to our own. At some point in history, there was a major event difference that caused our universe to split from that universe. You will more than likely have a double in an alternate universe.

Alternate Realities – These are similar to alternate universes but generally refer to just the time aspect of things. However, another way I think of it is that an Alternate Reality has the potential to become a full Alternate Universe if the events that cause the split from our own reality remains significant enough to divert the timelines completely. All parallel and alternate universes contain alternate realities from our own and their own. Infinite possibilities of everything.

Gateways, Hellmouths, Stairways to Heaven, etc. – Gateways is pretty much the generic word to use here. But these are any openings or doorways that one makes or that already exist that make it capable of traversing between on plane of existence to another. Hellmouths lead to and from Hell. Some gateways lead to the Faery realms and others may lead to the Heavens. They’ll usually contain some bit of the energy from that alternate plane to identify it.

Head Space – Head space is, as the name suggests, the space within one’s head. You can create worlds within your head. Some people allow spirits to reside in their head space. Others let their past lives (sometimes referred to as systems) live as separate personalities. Some people have temple areas there in their head space to do magic. It is essentially an alternate plane of existence that usually only you and those you give permission have access to.

Aura – This is one’s personal energy field. I break the aura into various aspects and some people are capable of picking up on multiple aspects or just one particular aspect. The aspects I define are physical/metaphysical (rather than etheric), emotional, mental/psychological, psychic, spiritual, soul, personal power, and past life/memory.

Chakras – Chakras are energy vortexes that allow your own energy to be expelled and to allow outside energy to be absorbed into your aura and energy bodies. There are seven main ones along your body and then additional ones at your feet and hands.

Energy Bodies – Some relate these to the subtle bodies of your aura, but I don’t. Everyone in the physical obviously has a physical body. But we also have a metaphysical body that is essentially a double of our physical form. This is basically what others call the astral body that can leave and travel the astral planes. In some cases, I can see people having a separate astral body from their metaphysical body, but honestly I think they are the same thing and just get called astral. The soul is another energy body that is separate from your physical and metaphysical bodies. It is the intangible life source and spirit of every being that lives within the metaphysical body of non-corporeal living beings and within the metaphysical and physical bodies of living physical persons and beings. Some non-physical beings do not possess metaphysical bodies as they are beings of pure soul energy (angels and the dead). (A Note: the metaphysical body may be energetic compared to this physical realm’s body, but while projecting or traveling in that plane with just the metaphysical body it behaves and acts just like a physical body. The comparison of corporeal to noncorporeal, physical to non-physical, material to energetic, etc., is all really based on perspective. Some planes are more or less material/physical/energetic/spiritual compared to a different plane.)

Ley Lines and Vortexes/Nexuses – Ley lines are channels of energy that flow throughout the world. Is is the Earth’s energetic flow of energy. When many ley lines intersect, they form what are called vortexes or nexuses. This is where gateways to the otherworlds often form or are created. Many sacred sites exist along ley lines and at a spiritual nexus. Spiritual activity is higher here.

Paranormal – Anything that relates to more ghost-related incidents. Sometimes involving aliens.

Supernatural – Anything that seems beyond typical/physical explanation. I usually classify this as a specific group of beings. But yeah. Not used often.

Elemental Energy – Elemental energy is what keeps the universe in balance and life alive. They are the essential building blocks of the entire universe. There are eight elements: earth, air, fire, water, light, darkness, void, and spark/electricity. Time has become another “man-created” element as well. Elementals are beings of pure elemental energy that are made up of a particular element and can control all aspects of that element. They are beings of pure consciousness and do not possess souls like other beings created in the universe.


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