Who’s Who

This is a working list of the beings with whom I work on a semi-regular to regular basis. Just thought this would be a semi good idea to put up. Ever changing list probably.


The Morrigan – She is the main deity with which I work. She is more or less my patron deity. And while she is female and matron would be more appropriate she prefers being known as a patron deity. I do not identify which of the three sister deities of the Morrighan I work with mainly, but I have worked with a specific sister in the past to get to know all sides of who she is.

Lugh – He is mostly an inspirational deity figure in my life. I don’t hear him as clearly as the Morrigan but I know he is around and he has shown up in meditations before. I’m not entirely sure where this relationship is headed, if he’ll be a main deity or not in the long run.

Manannan mac Lir – Manny came into my life at the behest of the Morrigan. We have done work in astral projection and astral travel of the Otherworlds. He has been a bit of a fatherly figure and a guide.

Aine – She was surprise visitor in a meditation I did at Midsummer for Manny. While I haven’t worked much with her since, she has asked to work with me. When I get back on track with things I will likely revisit her.

Cerridwen – She came into my life with work from the Morrigan to do with me. Went through a type of initiatory work with her. Whether I continue working with her is up to me, she has let it be known that I can call upon her whenever I wish or am in need.

Mother – Mother is my spiritual, soul mother. In many respects she is similar to the (Neo)Wiccan Great Goddess, but she is more than just that. She is a great comfort in my life now that she is fully awake again.

Papa – Papa, or Father, is my spiritual, soul father. I see him mostly as the Abrahamic God but, like Mother, he is so much more than that. He is also a great comfort to me, but I haven’t worked with him as much as I used to.

Loki – While not a deity I have worked with on spiritual matters per se, he is around from time to time. Definitely not a godspouse or even consort type relationship with him, but I have had sexual encounters with him because my incorporeal soulmate thought it would be a good idea. It was a form of healing I needed to go through at the time. Mostly, he is like a good friend that shares a lot of similar traits to Gerarian and is a decent metaphysical lay.

Thor – Loki brought him around to meet me since my energy is like his with lightning and electricity. I don’t work with him on a regular basis or anything, but I get a kick out him like Loki.

Greek Deities – I have worked with a number of the Greek/Hellenic pantheon as well, but it was mostly a spring board into learning more about this more polytheistic path I have taken in recent years. Eros, Aphrodite, Persephone, Haides, Hekate, Zeus, Poseidon, Artemis, Athena, etc.


Gabriel – the archangel. He likes me and tolerates me more than other people apparently.

Michael – the prince of the archangels. I call him fatty, but he still likes me and is like a big brother to everyone he meets.

Z aka Azreal – an archangel of death. He sticks close by me and is an extra protective force in my life. He gets along well with the Morrigan.

Alexandra “Alex” and Joshua – my personal guardian angels. Alex is meant to be the comforter and has a tendency to be the chatty one of the two. Joshua is the protector and is fairly quiet.

Other angels and archangels – I have also worked with Anael, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Remiel, Sariel, Samael, Cassiel, and Metatron a bit.

Other Spiritual Companions and Friends


Gerarian – aka’d as The Scribe on my new tumblr blog. He is my twin flame soulmate. We have been together in many many lifetimes. He is a spirit and is half fae and half pixie.

The Traveler – He is another spirit lover. I have spent a past life with him that started progressing to romantic before ending abruptly. He has returned in this life to continue that relationship and progress it further.

Melisande “Mel” – A valkyrie, and another spirit lover of mine. Our relationship is far less romantic than it is with Gerarian and the Traveler. It tends to be on a mostly physical level with platonic feelings for one another.

Lacey and Bentley – Lacey or “Butterfly” is a werewolf companion bound to me and Ben is her mate.

Gavin – A nine-tailed while kitsune spirit companion bound to me.


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